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The membership activation pop-up

An Animal Jam membership provides access to a number of exclusive in-game features, including animals, pets, dens, Adventures, and much more.

~ AJHQ - What is included with an Animal Jam membership?

The Animal Jam Membership grants Jammers access to a number of exclusive in-game benefits. It is the primary revenue source for WildWorks, the developer of the game.

In-Game Benefits


  • Unlock up to 1000 animal slots
  • Access to all animals (Members-only Animals)
  • Customize animal Nametag with a unique color and badge combination
  • Collect up to 1000 clothing items
  • Access to every clothing item (Members-only Items)


  • Access to every pet
  • Access to the Pet Stop to give pets unique accessory combinations
  • Access to the Pet Wash to make pets sparkle
  • Play pet mini-games


  • Unlock 200 den slots
  • Access to every den
  • Customize den music
  • Collect up to 2000 den items
  • Put up to 300 items in a den
  • Access to every den item (Members-only Items)
  • Create Masterpiece den items from Painting art with Diamonds


Other Benefits

  • Daily Sapphires and Weekly Gifts in the Play Wild mobile app
  • Ability to join Packs in the Play Wild mobile app
  • Ability to purchase members-only items in the Play Wild app

Purchasing Membership

Animal Jam Membership can be purchased directly for a player's account through the Animal Jam website as either a 1-month recurring payment, a 6-month recurring payment, or a 12-month one-time payment. The recurring memberships will automatically renew when the membership is about to expire, resulting in additional charges.

Cancelling Membership

The auto-renewal of recurring memberships can be toggled off by accessing the Parent Dashboard for the player's account. If auto-renewal is disabled before a membership expires, the membership will continue without interruption until its expiration date, at which point it will simply end without any additional charges. If the Parent Dashboard cannot be accessed, the recurring payment can be cancelled by submitting a ticket through the Animal Jam Help Center and including the relevant billing information.

Purchasing Membership Gifts

Membership can also be purchased in the form of a gift to be sent to a player. This type of membership is sold online as a gift certificate through Animal Jam Outfitters or as a gift card from participating retailers' websites. These online gift certificates and gift cards are delivered to the recipient by email with the code for applying the membership. Certain retailers also sell physical gift cards at select locations; these gift cards include a scratch-off code that is activated upon purchase. For specific details on where to purchase membership gifts, see the Animal Jam Help Center. Membership gifts are added to an account in the form of alphanumeric codes. The codes can be applied at the login screen for the game, in the settings menu while playing the game, or on the code redemption page.

Play Wild Sapphire Shop

In the mobile app Play Wild, players can purchase a single month of membership through the in-game Sapphire Shop at a cost of 400 sapphires or more, depending on the jammer's wealth. The Sapphires can either be purchased with real-world currency through Play Wild's Premium Shop, by logging in daily as an existing member, by advancing through certain Levels, or by completing the mini-game Achievements. They could previously have been earned in the mobile game by guessing the correct boxes in certain daily Treasure Hunts, and can now be earned from the Daily Spin, or on Sapphire Wednesday, where sapphires are guaranteed.

Refer A Friend Rewards

The Referral Rewards page

Starting on April 12, 2018, Animal Jam Classic introduced the "Refer A Friend" program that would allow players to send referral links to their friends. The referral links can be obtained by clicking the Invite A Friend button on the Buddy List. If those referral links were then used when purchasing a new membership, the original player would receive certain rewards including temporary Membership. Each membership reward can be redeemed only once. These rewards were expanded in November 2018 to include special items and longer memberships as well.

Reward Levels
Level Referred
Diamond.png Other
2 1 1 week 15
3 3 1 month 25 Epic Feathered Armor Set
4 5 1 month 50 Legendary Eagle


Some limited-time special offers will bundle Animal Jam Membership with exclusive in-game content such as animal avatars, adopted pets, clothing accessories, den items, or even dens.

Retail Gift Cards

Most physical, retail gift cards for Animal Jam Membership come with a special bundle that changes approximately every 3 months, which is also the length of the membership provided with the card. Occasionally, these bundles can also be redeemed by purchasing online gift certificates.

Current Bundle is bolded

List of Gift Card Bundles
Name Date(s) Animal Pet Den Clothing Den Items
Spring Bunny Bundle

April—June 2015

April—June 2017

April—June 2018

April—July 2019

April - ??? 2020

Spring Bunny

Added in fourth release

Pet Bunny

Added in the second release

Pet Ferret Bundle July—September 2015 Pet Ferret
Polar Bear Bundle October—December 2015 Polar Bear
Pet Snow Leopard Bundle January—March 2016 Pet Snow Leopard
Pet Hippo Bundle April—June 2016 Pet Hippo
Pet Meerkat Bundle July—September 2016 Pet Meerkat
Arctic Fox Bundle

October—December 2016

October—December 2017

October—December 2018

October 2019 - January 2020

Arctic Fox

Added in second release

Snow Leopard Bundle

January—March 2017

January—March 2018

January—March 2019

January - April 2020

Snow Leopard
Falcon Bundle

July—September 2017

July—September 2018

July - October 2019


Added in third release

Pet Falcon

Animal Jam Website

Starting in 2018, purchasing a membership from the Animal Jam website may include a special bundle that cannot be obtained from purchasing membership anywhere else. These bundles are typically a limited-time offer that lasts for only one month. These bundles are only provided for a new purchase, so existing memberships and automatically-recurring memberships will not receive them. They have stopped as of May 2020.

List of Website Bundles
Name Date Animal
Clothing Den Items
Friendship Bundle February 2018
Spring Bundle April 2018
Ferocious Feline Bundle May 2018
Covered In Crystals Bundle June 2018
Artist's Dream Bundle July 2018
World of Fantasy Bundle August 2018
Garden Escape Bundle September 2018
Haunted Hideout Bundle October 2018
Glorious Goat Bundle November 2018
Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle December 2018
Fearsome Kingdom Bundle January 2019
Lovely Lynx Bundle February 2019
Lucky Skunk Bundle March 2019
When Pigs Fly Bundle April 2019
Spring Fennec Fox Bundle May 2019
World Oceans Bundle June 2019

No Clothing Sets

Frolicking Fair Bundle July 2019
Birds of a Feather Bundle August 2019

No Clothing Sets

Matsuri Festival Bundle September 2019
Dark Moon Bundle October 2019
Rags to Riches Bundle November 2019
Winter Gala Bundle

December 2019

Starry Night Bundle January 2020
Lovely Bakery Bundle February 2020
Build-Your-Own Terrain Bundle March 2020 No Clothing Sets
Build-Your-Own Garden Bundle April 2020 No Clothing Sets


  • Some of the Sidekix Plushies included codes for a one-week membership.
  • A two-week membership can be obtained by purchasing the Club Geoz Playset.
  • Some of the "Blind Bag" Adopt A Pet toys included a code for a one-week membership.
  • Any rumors about getting free memberships through external sources are fake according to the official Animal Jam Help Center.
  • At the end of the Beta Testing period, all Beta testers were given a free one-month membership from AJHQ.
  • On March 26, 2020, AJHQ released the code "AJFREE" that awarded any non-member account with a 2-week membership. Players with an active membership would instead receive 10 Diamonds. This offer was available until March 31, 2020 as a gift to the many players who were stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • After a membership expires, the player will still retain some of the benefits, including the increased den and clothing inventory and increased Buddy list capacity.
  • Members have a golden key on their Player Cards to represent that their membership "unlocks" the golden locks that appear on all members-only content.
  • If a player's membership expires while they are still in-game, they will not lose their membership privileges until they log off or disconnect from the game.
  • If a player loses their membership while logged off, they will continue to appear to everyone else as if they have a membership until they log in again.
  • There was once a glitch that allowed players to still play as a members-only animal even after their membership expired. To perform the glitch, the player had to recycle all of their non-member animals and buy a Turtle before their membership expired. They would click their den icon when they were in an ocean area such as Bahari Bay, which would then force them into the last land animal that they played as before their membership expired. This glitch is now fixed.
  • AJHQ formerly advertised that "A portion of all Animal Jam membership fees and other purchases help support National Geographic's global conservation and research efforts", but this is most likely not the case anymore as WildWorks is no longer partnered with National Geographic. AJHQ have also since deleted the "How can I support Animal Jam's conservation efforts?" article in the Animal Jam Help Center.
  • In 2018, there was a "Black Friday Sale" that awarded extra Diamonds for purchasing membership on the Animal Jam website from November 21 to November 26, 2018. However, the price of the membership did not actually change.

Canceled Benefits

There are a number of members-only features that were advertised but never delivered.

  • "Be the FIRST to hear about upcoming events!"
  • "Animal Bases"
    • While it is not clear what this feature would have meant for Animal Jam Classic, a similar feature is available in the mobile game Animal Jam in the form of special rooms dedicated to and themed around a specific animal. This suggests that a similar feature was planned for Animal Jam Classic, but never came to fruition. There are also unreleased achievements on Animal Jam Classic mentioning "bases" for some animals that seem to support this theory.
  • "VIP Party Zones"
    • This feature may have been related to the aforementioned "Animal Bases".
    • This selling point may have been referencing Club Geoz. Shortly after Beta Testing ended, Club Geoz was changed into a members-only area, but was opened up to all players once more soon afterwards. The closest modern equivalent to this feature is the Jammer Parties which can only be hosted by members, though all players are able to join these parties.
  • "Nat Geo Exclusives"
    • While some membership purchases early in the game's run also came with a subscription to Nat Geo Kids magazine, members did not get access to any additional National Geographic educational content found within the game itself.
  • "Priority Access"
  • "New Animal Previews"
  • "Level Sneak Peeks"
  • "Members Only Games"
    • None of the Games available in Animal Jam Classic have ever required a membership to play. The closest equivalent to this concept would be the Adventures, most of which used to be only available to members.

Previous Benefits

Some features were previously available to members only but are now available to all Jammers.

  • Pets were originally available only for members, but this changed with the introduction of the Pet Hamster in August 2011.
  • The color wheel, which allows Jammers to change an item's variety before purchase, was originally a members-only feature, but this changed in November 2015.
  • Originally, only members could access Club Geoz, but this was changed sometime later to allow all Jammers into Club Geoz.
  • Initially, every underwater den and underwater den item could only be purchased by members, but an update on February 6, 2014, made the Sunken Ship den available to all Jammers. Along with this, several underwater den items were made available to all Jammers as well.
  • The Chat log was previously only available to players with membership (although it was originally available for all players), but was made accessible to all Jammers once again starting in November 2016.
  • Most Adventures used to be available only to members, but an update in January 2018 made all Adventures except The Forgotten Desert available to all players.
  • Safe Chat - Plus was initially a feature open to all players, but was later on restricted to members-only (though non-member accounts that had already activated Safe Chat - Plus were allowed to keep it). Safe Chat - Plus was made available for all players once again on September 13, 2018.

Discontinued Benefits

Some features were available to members only but were later discontinued and are no longer available.

  • The Monthly Member Gifts were special once-a-month rewards for any players with an active membership. While this feature was active, all members would receive one or more special gifts via their Jam-A-Grams each month. The gifts usually consisted of den or clothing items, but exclusive pets and dens were also given out some months. There was a new gift each month and every player with a membership received the same gift, though some items came in multiple varieties, in which case the variant each player received was random. Monthly Member Gifts were discontinued on May 30, 2013 with the introduction of Diamonds and the Diamond Shop. Many of the Monthly Member Gifts have been re-released in some way, such as being available in the Diamond Shop or as prizes in adventures.
  • The weekly Diamond gift was the replacement for the Monthly Member Gifts in conjunction with the Diamond Shop. Players with a membership would receive one free Diamond every Tuesday. It was initially designed so that only players with membership could obtain and spend Diamonds, as the Diamond Shop only sold members-only items at the time. This changed after non-member items became available in the Diamond Shop and non-members were slowly given more opportunities to obtain Diamonds. Eventually, the weekly Diamond gift was replaced with the Member Spin.
  • Membership originally included a 20% discount for purchases made at the National Geographic Store, but this offer stopped being avilable when WildWorks ended their licensing deal with National Geographic and stopped funding the Big Cats Initiative.


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