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This article shows the solutions of the Minibook quizzes. You may not want to spoil the experience for yourself.

The Jamaa Journal advertising the Fox Minibook.

The Minibooks are small, informational books that base their subjects off of animals released on Animal Jam Classic. All Minibooks up until the Fox Minibook will distribute 100 Gems once the Jammer clicks on all of the badges throughout the Minibook. Additionally, any Minibook released after the Snow Leopard Minibook will distribute a non-member trophy den item when the Jammer correctly fills out a quiz on the animal. The Minibooks are displayed in the first level of the Chamber of Knowledge, Appondale Theater, Brady's Theater, Tierney's Theater, and Sarepia Theater.


List of Minibooks
Animal Release Prize
Sea Otter August 21, 2014 100 Gems
Giant Panda October 2, 2014
Polar Bear November 20, 2014
Owl February 5, 2015
Lion March 19, 2015
Cheetah May 14, 2015
Llama June 25, 2015
Snow Leopard August 20, 2015
Lynx September 3, 2015 100 Gems, Lynx Trophy
Fox November 19, 2015 100 Gems, Arctic Fox Trophy
Goat February 18, 2016 Goat Trophy
Falcon April 14, 2016 Falcon Trophy
Hyena May 12, 2016 Hyena Trophy
Pig June 9, 2016 Pig Trophy
Sloth July 21, 2016 Sloth Trophy
Kangaroo August 4, 2016 Kangaroo Trophy
Lemur September 15, 2016 Lemur Trophy
Toucan November 17, 2016 Toucan Trophy
Deer December 15, 2016 Deer Trophy
Cougar March 16, 2017 Cougar Trophy
Coyote May 25, 2017 Coyote Trophy
Dolphin June (?), 2017 Dolphin Trophy


The area in which the Jammer had to click on in order to access the hidden Minibook display.

  • At one point, the Minibook display stand in Tierney's Theater could not be viewed, although it could have still been accessed if the player clicked on the area the stand should have been.
  • There is a mistake in the Hyena Minibook that states there are 3 species of hyena. The Minibook missed out the 4th hyena, the aardwolf.


Minibooks Displayed as an Item