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Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together. She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was, encouraging him to create.
~ Animal Jam Headquarters on Mira's personality

Mira is the Mother and Guardian Spirit of Jamaa, according to the legends. She has not made a physical appearance in-game. However, she is frequently depicted in art, like statues and tapestries, throughout Jamaa. Additionally, if enough Jammers dance around the Fire Pit in Sarepia Forest, blue flames in the shape of Mira appear. It is unknown if this is her, or simply a manifestation.


Mira is a grey heron with huge wings and a large head curl. She has pale blue-grey feathers, which, in some artworks, are a pale teal instead. She has creamy yellow stalk-like legs and a long beak of a similar color.


Mira was created by Zios to serve as a companion and a fellow guardian spirit over Jamaa. Together, they created Jamaa and everything within it, including the animals. In some versions of the story, Mira is in love with Zios, while in others, the nature of their relationship remains vague. She chose the Alphas alongside Zios.

In The Phantom Badlands, the Alphas are revealed to be in possession of one of Mira's feathers, which Sir Gilbert uses to cleanse the land of Phantom corruption. This suggests that Mira had at least some control over the land of Jamaa itself, enough to revert it to its original state if need be, using only one of her feathers.


The creation legends of Jamaa, and thus Mira's story, have changed over the years. There appears to be a few different continuities of the story, which are outlined here.

Beta Testing[]

In the Beta Testing version of the story, Mira was created by the Sky Father, or Zios, because of his loneliness. Mira soon fell in love with her creator, a feeling he reciprocated. Together, they created Jamaa and everything in it. However, when Zios left her for an unknown reason, she became angry and upset, causing her to cry. Her tears turned into the infamous Phantoms, a fact that has since appeared to be retconned by more recent renditions of the story. It is not known what happened to Mira after the incident, but in the Jamaalidays of 2010, it was said that she spent her time creating the items of Jamaa.


After the conclusion of Beta Testing, Mira's story was elaborated on in issues of the Daily Explorer, the Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide, and in the Adventures. Zios and Mira are the guardian spirits of Jamaa, meaning they have control over the spirits of the animals. Zios and Mira created the Heartstones - the talismans for each and every species of animal; a gift of freedom. Unfortunately, this gift soon came to bite the two guardians in the back. The animals began to mistrust each other and fight amongst one another. In this time of conflict between the different animals, the Phantoms arrived from their dark portals. They stole the Heartstones from most of the animals, trapping all of the animal's spirits inside. After seeing this, Mira and Zios chose leaders for the six remaining animals (Panda, Koala, Monkey, Tiger, Bunny, and Wolf). These leaders became the Alphas, who Mira and Zios lead into war against the dark forces of the phantoms. But Zios was overpowered by the darkness of the Phantoms, and was taken through their dark portals. Mira flew in after them. It is unknown what happened next, but it is assumed that the story will continue in the Adventures.


In the Call of the Alphas book, it is suggested that Zios and Mira both traveled together since the creation of Jamaa. They watched and lived alongside the animals of Jamaa until the Phantoms arrived. After the heartstones under the Lost Temple of Zios went missing, they searched for leaders from the six remaining species that were capable of protecting and caring for all animals. These leaders came to be known as the Alphas. While fighting against the Phantoms with the help of the Alphas and the animals of Jamaa, Mira and Zios were accidentally captured by the Phantom Queen, who dragged them to the Phantom's world, trapping them both.