This article is about the den item. For the statue in Jamaa Township, see Mira's Statue.

The Mira Statue is a members-only den item. It was formerly sold at the Mystery Emporium and was first released in December 2010, but it is no longer sold in stores.


The Mira Statue is an elegant, sleek statue portraying Mira. Her wings are folded neatly and her body is in a resting position. The statue is a brilliant goldenrod color with slightly darker wings and tail and a significantly lighter gold-yellow on the head and chest. It stands on a brown plinth with lighter brown edges and squiggles. The brown box has a dark harvest-gold top and bottom. This item only comes in one variety.


  • There are several other similar statues of Mira such as the Ice Mira Statue and the Crystal Mira Statue.
  • This Item can be won as a prize in The Forgotten Desert.
  • The Mira Statue shows some relations to a Stymphalian bird from Greek Mythology.
  • This is commonly mistaken as a den beta.
  • A long time ago, there was a player-made myth that putting many of this item in your den would help keep people out of it. This was before the den locking system was introduced. However, this is not true.


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