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Jamaa-Journal Vol-038 Monthly-Gift

One of the first advertisements for a Monthly Membership Gift

Monthly Member Gifts were items handed out by Animal Jam Headquarters through Jam-A-Grams to Jammers that had a Membership on Animal Jam Classic. The gifts included clothing, den items, dens, and pets. They were discontinued when the Diamond Shop was introduced on May 30, 2013, thus replacing the gifts with Diamonds

List of Gifts[]

Month/Year Item(s)
June 2011 Dragon Glove
or Mummy Glove
or Legendary Glove
or Lava Glove
July 2011 Rare Spiked Collar (Long)
or Rare Spiked Collar (Short)
or Rare Spiked Wristband (Long)
or Rare Spiked Wristband (Short)
August 2011 The Claw
September 2011 Lightning Cloud (Rare)
or Rainbow Cloud (Rare)
or Rain Cloud (Rare)
or Snow Cloud (Rare)
October 2011 Caged Phantom
or Trapped Phantom
November 2011 Bubbletron 5000
December 2011 Gingerbread House Den
January 2012 New Year's Party Hat
February 2012 Giant Lion Plushie (Rare)
March 2012 Elf Tail Armor
or Elf Tail Armor (Diamond)
April 2012 Hot Cocoa Machine
May 2012 Phantom Invasion
June 2012 Golden Dragon Glove
or Golden Mummy Glove
or Golden Legendary Glove
or Golden Lava Glove
July 2012 Rare Nature Archway
August 2012 Bulky Golden Phantom
or Tough Golden Phantom
or Small Golden Phantom
or Angry Golden Phantom
September 2012 Pet Monkey
October 2012 Pet Tarantula
November 2012 Pet Fox
December 2012 Gingerbread Treehouse
January 2013 Pet Owl
February 2013 Pet Tiger
March 2013 Pet Arctic Wolf
April 2013 Spirit Armor
and Spirit Helmet
May 2013 Spirit Glove