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The Mushroom Hut is a members-only land den, first released on September 27, 2012. It is currently available in the Den Shop, and comes back seasonally.


The Mushroom Hut is, hence the name, a mushroom house. This den has two floors, a set of mushroom stairs leading from one floor to another, and a bright red theme. There is another mushroom cottage, but the player can only walk on the roof of the den. There is a flight of blue mushroom stairs leading from the roof to the ground. The den also has a pond with a lilypad in it.


  • It was designed by a Jammer on a contest done in the summer where "the bunny alpha" (aka Peck) wanted to see artistic capability.
  • The Mushroom Den came back to stores sometime during November 2013.
  • This den revolves around the theme of the Jammer becoming miniature, as seen with the relatively giant mushrooms, flowers, and grass. This theme carries over to most of the wallpapers and floors as well; for example, some will become giant pencils, coins, spools of thread, etc.
  • If the Blue Sky wallpaper is used in this den, the walls will become similar to the background.
  • This is one of the few non-Diamond Shop dens to feature custom wallpapers and floorings that differ from the defaults.


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