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The Music Shop is a shop that sells a variety of music for dens. It can only be accessed while editing a den by clicking on the music button, which looks like speakers next to a musical note, and then clicking on the music shop button at the bottom of the music menu.

Music Shop

Each music is for members-only and costs 100 Gems.

Available Items

Available Items
Music-Shop Kani-Cove Kani Cove (Music)
Music Deep-Blue Deep Blue (Music)
Music Sol-Arcade Sol Arcade (Music)
Crystal Reef Music Soundtack Crystal Reef (Music)
Music-Shop Appondale Appondale (Music)
Music-Shop Crystal-Sands Crystal Sands (Music)
Music-Shop Coral-Canyons Coral Canyons (Music)
Music-Shop Sarepia-Forest Sarepia Forest (Music)
Mt. Shiveer picture Mt. Shiveer (Music)
Jamon Jam On
Sky High Music Sky High (Music)
Music-Shop Temple-of-Zios Temple of Zios (Music)
Jam-Session-Shop Jam-Session Jam Session (Music)

Formerly Sold Items

These items were once sold in Music Shop, but they are no longer available. Many of them are seasonal items that return during certain times of the year.

Formerly Sold Items
Jammer Anthem Jammer Anthem

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