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Not to be confused with the Cowboy Set.

The Musketeer Set is an unofficial collection of land clothing items. The items in this collection share a similar musketeer theme. The normal boots and the hat were first released during May 2013, but the "real" boots were not released until July 2013. All of the items were sold in Jam Mart Clothing.


The individual items differ greatly overall, but the share the same theme. The normal boots and hat have closely matching color varieties of purple, brown, pink, green, tan, black, white, and teal. The "real" boots have similar color varieties, but they lack certain accent colors and instead of tan and white varieties they have orange and red varieties. Both types of boots have exactly eight varieties, but the hat has an additional rare variant.


Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeGemsUnavailable Since
Musketeer Hat purpleMusketeer Hat1-Head550Currently available
Musketeer bootsMusketeer Boots4-Legs500Currently available
Shop Real-Musketeer-Boots BrownReal Musketeer Boots4-Legs1,000July 30, 2013