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The Nessie Mask is a members-only underwater clothing item that can be worn on the head. It is a seasonal item that was first released in Bahari Bargains during September 2011 and returns every year around the Night of the Phantoms.


The Nessie Mask appears as a monster mask that consists of a long neck, squinting eyes, and a snarling mouth. The neck has two stitch marks near the base and some dots further up towards the head. The mouth has many square teeth between clenched jaws with a slight under-bite. This item has eight original colors and eight new versions for a total of sixteen varieties.


  • On its second release in 2012, eight new colors were introduced to replace the original colors. The original colored items from 2011 were given "Rare" badges.
  • On its third release in 2013, the default color in the store was changed from maroon to blue.
  • It seems to be based on the Loch Ness Monster, which is nicknamed Nessie.
  • It looks similar to the Dragon Mask.


New Colors

Original Colors