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Not to be confused with the Replica Peck Nesting Dolls.

The Nesting Peck Dolls is a members-only den item.


The Nesting Peck Dolls consists of three dolls in a line, from smallest to largest, that all resemble the Alpha, Peck. All of the dolls have a rounded figure. When clicked on, a smaller doll pops out of the one before it. Once all dolls are displayed, activating again will return all the dolls to the one largest doll. This item comes in only one variety.


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  • It is one of several Alpha Nesting Dolls.
  • The head of the Nesting Peck Dolls is larger than any other Alpha Nesting Doll's head.
  • After this item's release, a rumor spread saying that Peck would be the next Alpha to appear in the Adventures after Graham.
  • The design of these dolls could be based on a matryoshka doll, a doll that is made in Russia.
  • The item used to be called the Nesting Peck Doll but this was later changed to its current name.
  • This item was given a golden "Rare" tag on July 6, 2023, a couple weeks before the Alpha Appreciation Wild Weekend.
  • This item is identical to the Replica Peck Nesting Dolls except the eye size is different.