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New jammer example

An example Player Card for a New Jammer.

New Jammers are players that have recently created a new account for the game. Their username will display the words "New Jammer" until AJHQ and the Jammer's parent approves of it. This screening period typically lasts 24-48 hours.


When a Jammer first joins Animal Jam Classic, they first have to complete a short tutorial guided by Peck, the Bunny Alpha. Peck will teach the Jammer how they can change their animal's appearance and how to use emoticons. Peck will then reward the Jammer with 1,500 Gems and lead them to their den.

Den Tutorial[]

When a Jammer visits their own den for the first time, Peck will appear again and guide them through a short tutorial of the den features. Peck will teach the Jammer how to edit their den, place furniture, move and delete furniture, access Jam Mart Furniture, and how to purchase items from a shop. Peck will reward the Jammer with 150 Gems twice during this den tutorial.


  • When a New Jammer first enters their den, they are automatically given a Rug, Table, Small Window, Chair, Couch, Lamp, and Houseplant. Originally, New Jammers would receive a Sturdy Table and Blue Rug, but this changed on March 30, 2017, along with where New Jammers would teleport when they finished the tutorial.
  • New Jammers cannot see their own username until it has been approved.
  • New Jammers are able to access a special version of Jam Mart Furniture during the den editing tutorial. This shop only carries six items, one of which, the Seasonal Tree, is no longer available in the regular version of Jam Mart Furniture.
  • Other Jammers cannot click the "New Jammer's Den" button while in their den to see the Player Card of the New Jammer that owns the den. When they click it, nothing happens.
  • New Jammers will appear on a buddy list in the correct alphabetical order according to the intended name.
  • There is a glitch where a New Jammer added as a buddy will still show up as "New Jammer" long after their username was approved.
  • When receiving Jam-A-Grams from a New Jammer, sometimes their player card cannot be viewed to interact with them until the player first replies to their mail.
  • If a New Jammer's name is not accepted by AJHQ, the username given will be the word "Jammer" followed by a series of random letters and numbers or the player will receive a popup the next time they login stating their username was not approved with a text box to make a new username for their account.
  • The option for New Jammers to skip the tutorial was removed at one point. This option was later added back.
  • There is a glitch where if a player uses the "Username" mode for Nametags in their settings, a New Jammer's actual username will be revealed in Chat if the New Jammer says something.
  • When a New Jammer first enters Jamaa, their menu buttons are limited to Mail, Buddies, Parties, Games, and the currency counter. They can access the full menu if they play the Training Grounds or if they log in again.
  • The New Jammer tutorial was originally held in Jamaa Township until it was replaced by The Blue Heron in 2014.
  • The starting tutorial was introduced in January 2015 as a replacement of the previous New Jammer tutorial, The Blue Heron.
  • The starting tutorial originally lead Jammers out to Jamaa Township at the end, but from November 2016 until March 30, 2017, Jammers were lead to the Welcome Party first before they could reach Jamaa Township. After that, New Jammers would be teleported to their den and the Welcome Party was removed.
  • After the starting tutorial was completed, a popup used to come up titled "What would you like to do next?" with 4 buttons to go to your den, watch animal videos, play games, or go on an adventure. This was removed sometime in 2018 or 2019.
  • There is a glitch where players stay as a New Jammer and their username never gets approved.
  • There is a glitch where if a player goes to a New Jammer's den and a buddy teleports to the player, the New Jammer's username will be revealed.
  • There is a glitch where if a New Jammer creates an account, the jammer's username appears instead of "New Jammer".
  • There is a glitch where if the New Jammer's Inventory is full, trying to trade them will cause the full inventory pop up to appear and cause the jammer's username to appear.


Introduction Tutorial[]