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For the shop found inside this party, see New Year's Shop.

The New Year's Party is a recurring party that celebrates the transition into the new year. It was introduced in December 2011 and returns annually between the months of December and January. Usually the party arrives in late December.


The party is held in a heavily modified version of Snow Fort den that has been mirrored with the entire layout flipped horizontally. The den has also been altered to include two ice slides and have a setting of the Northern lights during the night. Another difference is that the top of the snow fort has two frozen towers connected by a wooden bridge instead of having only one. Various shapes of fireworks periodically shoot into the night sky above the snow fort. On two different walls there are carvings in the ice of a lollipop and a slice of cake.


This party has a clothing, den, and music shop with many returning items from previous years. There are also two ice slides that Jammers can use and multiple carved ice bricks that give the player an item to carry around when they are clicked. The different carved ice blocks include a slice of cake and a lollipop. Outside the fort on the top left side of the party there is a snowman that can be clicked to carry around a miniature version of it. Another point of interest in the party is the top of the snow fort where Jammers can stand in the cold wind that will slowly change their animal into a light blue color for a while.


New year's party 2012 panorama

An overview of the 2012 New Year's Party

During the 2012 New Year's Party, this party took place in a modified Gingerbread House Den that was decorated with new year's celebration items. The decorations and layout used were very similar to the Jamaaliday Jam party. Unlike future versions of the New Year's Party, the room name displayed "New Year 2012."

The main attraction was its shop that sold some items exclusive to the party; it was located at the bottom of the party in the gingerbread wagon. Another potential attraction was the New Years Fireworks that, once clicked, would give the player a firework to carry around.


  • There was a glitch in which a Jammer could have accessed the 2012 New Year's Party in later years, but it was patched by the time the 2018 party arrived in December 2017.
    • To do this, the Jammer must go to the New Year's Party and wait for everyone to leave the party. Next, they must play a game and exit out of it, after which they will be at the 2012 New Year's Party.
  • The 2019 New Year's Party's den item shop stands mistakenly depicted the items that were sold at the previous year.
  • The banner for this party changes every year to reflect the upcoming year.
  • The music played at this party is from Jamaaliday Rescue, though in previous years, Jamaaliday Jingle has been played instead.


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