For the shop found inside this party, see New Year's Shop.
For other years of this party, see New Year's Party.

The New Year's Party 2012 was a party celebrating the new year of 2012. It was first released sometime in December 2011 and was available until sometime in January 2012.


New year's party 2012 panorama

This party takes place in a modified Gingerbread House Den that is decorated with new year's celebration items. The decorations and layout used are very similar to the Jamaaliday Jam party.


The main attraction of this party is its shop that sells some items exclusive to this party; it is located at the bottom of the party in the gingerbread wagon. Another potential attraction is the New Years Fireworks that once clicked will give the player a firework to carry around.


  • There is a glitch in which a Jammer can access the New Year's Party 2012 at the 2017 New Year's Party. This glitch also occurred at the 2016 New Year's Party, however you are unable to do so at the 2018 New Year's Party.
    • To do this, the Jammer must wait for everyone to leave the New Year's Party. Next, they must play a game and exit out of it. After that, they will be at the 2012 New Year's Party.


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