For other years of this party, see New Year's Party.
For the shop inside this party, see New Year's Shop.

The New Year's Party 2019 is a party that celebrated the arrival of 2019.


Similar to the New Year's Party 2018, the party takes place in the Snow Fort den, which includes two ice slides, a bridge, and various shops to purchase items. Two frozen towers can be seen on the second floor connected together with a wooden bridge. From there, occasional fireworks can be seen shooting into the sky as freezing winds blow around as from the previous New Year's Party.


There are three individual shops that sell music items, clothing items, and den items. More attractions include carvings in the wall that can be clicked to carry around various holdables such as a slice of cake, a lollipop, as well as a snowman. Jammers can also stand atop the fort where they can visibly turn a light bluish color presumably due to cold winds. The music playing is the same as the one that plays in Jamaaliday Rescue.


  • This party mistakenly shows the den items from the previous year on its display stand for the den item shop.


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