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For the land, see Adventure Base Camp.

The Ocean Adventure Base Camp is a place where the underwater Adventures are located. It can be accessed from the Adventure Base Camp as well as from Bahari Bay.


This location features a rocky underwater landscape that includes a variety of cliffs, tunnels, and caves. The landscape is teeming with life in the form of coral, fish, and jellies.


This base camp has portals leading to the following adventures:

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Adventures Members-Only?
Adventure Bubble-Trouble No
Adventure In-Too-Deep No
Adventure Turning-The-Tide No


  • It is the underwater counterpart to the Adventure Base Camp.
  • There is a glitch where the entrance in the Adventure Base Camp will not work and the Jammer ends up standing in the water around the ladder.
  • All portals to all under water adventures follow the same design, size, color and shape, unlike its above water counterpart.


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