Not to be confused with the Ocean Adventure Base Camp.

Ocean Base Camp is a members-only music item for Dens. It can be bought for 1 Diamond at the Diamond Shop.


This music has a suspenseful melody that starts off slow and builds into a rapid rhythm. It seems to use violins for the main melody, which is later joined by a harp, and a piccolo for a secondary melody. The music also includes a cello/bass and an unknown wind instrument in the background accompanied by drums, cymbals, and tambourine. There seem to be ambient underwater noises playing throughout the song.

Cover Art

The cover art is an underwater view looking up into the sky towards the sun, with 3 Phantoms nearby.


  • It is the same music that plays in the Ocean Adventure Base Camp.
  • Despite being usable in both land and underwater dens, this item has an oceans-only icon.


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