Olive is the Alpha of Cheetahs. She first appears as a statue at the AJ Birthday Party. She has yet to make a appearance in the Adventures series.


She is a lean, female cheetah with thick darker patches with smaller round dots inside them. She has pale, narrow eyes with thin-shaped, thick eyelashes. She has large round ears, circular snout, thin upside-down triangular nose and markings from her eyes to her nose like a real cheetah's. She has a slightly large chest and a muscular body. Olive also has African-styled accessories, like a thick neck-ring around her neck and thin, round earrings.


  • The meaning of "Olive" comes from the Latin origin, meaning symbol of peace. This could be a insight to her beliefs.
    • She could have been named after the Olive fruit or Olive Tree, which are also the meaning of the name "Olive" in the American and Irish origin, or also the name Olivia.