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The Ostrich is an unreleased animal. It was featured in a poll for what next Animal Heartstone Jammers would like to see in Jamaa but lost. It was one of the three options along with Falcon and Sloth.


  • If released, it would be the second flightless bird in Jamaa, with the Penguin being the first; assuming no other non-flying birds will be released as animals.
  • It was one of the search terms in the word search included in the Activity Book, which is a non-virtual item included in the first edition of the Animal Jam Box, the 2016 Winter box.
    • In the poll for what Animal Heartstone should be searched for, the ostrich is the only animal that has not been implemented from it. Falcons and Sloths are already in the game, but the Ostrich was never added.
  • Ostriches had been added to Animal Jam - Play Wild!, as of November 14, 2019, but have not been added to Animal Jam yet.


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