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The Ostrich is an unreleased animal. On January 21, 2016, the Ostrich was revealed in the Jamaa Journal as an option for a poll on what animal Jammers wanted to see added to the game next. It was one of the three options players could vote for along with the Falcon and the Sloth, with the Falcon ultimately winning the most votes.


  • If released, it would be the second flightless bird in Animal Jam Classic, with the Penguin being the first.
  • It was one of the search terms in the word search included in the Activity Book, which is a non-virtual item included in the first edition of the Animal Jam Box, the 2016 Winter box.
  • Despite not winning the popular vote on the poll, the Sloth was eventually added to the game. This makes the Ostrich the only animal from the poll that has not been added to the game yet.
    • While they are currently not available in Animal Jam Classic, Ostriches were later added to Animal Jam on November 6, 2019.