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This article is about the game. For the item, see Overflow (Item).

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Overflow is a single-player mini-game that was originally found in Crystal Sands and later added to the Sol Arcade in Jamaa Township. It was first introduced sometime during Beta Testing and can also be played using the den version of Overflow.


The objective of this mini-game is to create a continuous channel from the ocean at the top down to an empty basin (sand castle) at the bottom. This is accomplished by rotating square tiles (by clicking them) so that the water can reach the bottom. Once the channel has been created, the player must press the "Start Water" button and wait for the water to reach the basin. Many levels include bridges where water can travel in two possible directions in a single tile. The difficulty of the game can be increased from "Easy" to "Medium" or "Hard". Increasing the difficulty results in more tiles that must be rotated and more tiles that cannot be used to complete the channel.


Jammers can earn two Gems for every tile that the water covers. This does not increase for the harder difficulties and the higher levels; instead, the length of the channels increases to reward more Gems overall.


There are seven achievements that can be earned by playing Overflow:

Achievements Description
Flowbie!.png Flowbie! Play Overflow 5 times
Flowbot!.png Flowbot! Play Overflow 15 times
Flowmaster!.png Flowmaster! Play Overflow 30 times
Open The Floodgates!.png Open The Floodgates! Play Overflow 50 times
Overflow Boss!.png Overflow Boss! Complete level 50 of Overflow
Overflow Master!.png Overflow Master! Complete level 100 of Overflow
300!.png 300! Earn 300 Gems in one session of Overflow


  • Originally, each tile was worth 1 Gem, but this was changed to its current value as of June 14, 2014.
  • There are a total of 100 levels divided into 4 groups of easy, medium, hard, and then one more that is even harder. When playing the game, the order of the levels in each group is randomized and some of the pipe rotations are also randomized. After beating a group, the game progresses on to the next hardest group until reaching the last group, which will be randomized and repeated endlessly until the user finally quits the game.
  • Occasionally, levels will have two or even three possible endings. Using the longer endings earn more Gems.
  • The music for the game was used as the background music for Kimbara Outback for a short time in late 2013.
  • When the "Are you still playing?" popup comes up while playing, a quiet bell-like sound will play. It is unknown why this occurs.


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