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Not to be confused with the Exclusive Owl Plushie.

The Owl Plushie is a non-member den item.


The Owl Plushie resembles the Owl in the game. It has black, beady eyes and visible stitches. It is depicted in-flight with its wings spread fully and its body flat. Each variant changes the color of the main body and lighter face area while the beak remains orange. There are ten varieties including three accessorized variants: orange on a cloud, brown with a graduation cap, and dark blue with steampunk goggles.


The Owl Plushie was initially released on April 15, 2016, in The Owl Claw.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
The Owl ClawApril 15, 2016N/A


  • The chance of winning each color variant from the claw machine is not equal. The light blue color is the most likely to be won at approximately 16%, with about 15-10% for pink, green, purple, red, white, and black respectively. The plushies decorated with accessories have the lowest chance at 5% for the orange, 2% for the dark blue, and 1% for the brown.
  • This plushie could be seen among the many other random plushies on The Claw game screen before it was actually released.
  • The Owl Plushie used to have a bug where it could only be sold for 1 Gem, however, this has been fixed.