For the shop found inside this party, see Paradise Shop.

The Paradise Party is a bird-of-paradise-themed party with many different types of birds. It was first introduced on February 14, 2013.


This party is set in a large tropical jungle or forest full of trees, flowers, ruins, and birds. Some of the distinguishing features in this party are jungle ruins along the top, a lake in the left center, a river along the left side with a bridge in the top left, and a wooden cart with colorful flowers on the right side. Boomseed trees can be found all over the party, but they do not produce the seeds. The music in this party is almost the same as the music in the Monkeys Only Party, the only difference being no monkey sounds at the beginning.


This party has only one shop located near the entrance in a cart, and it sells paradise-colored den items. The remainder of the party is dedicated to finding the tropical birds for the party's Journey Book.

Journey Book

This journey book page consists of twelve birds that can be found all around the party. The reward for completing this page is the Paradise Throne.

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Birds Location
King of Saxony King Bird-of-Paradise This bird is hiding in a tree just below and left of the shop.
King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise It can be found along the tops of some trees just below and right of the bridge.
Magnificent Riflebird Magnificent Riflebird This bird perches in a group of trees just below and right of the bridge.
Paradise Riflebird Paradise Riflebird It can be found in some trees on the left side of the jungle ruins along the river's edge.
Twelve Bird of Paradise Twelve-Wired Bird-of-Paradise It pops up from behind a wall to the right of the jungle ruins.
Blue Bird of Paradise Blue Bird-of-Paradise This bird flies out and stands on the wooden cart full of flowers.
Greater Bird of Paradise Greater Bird-of-Paradise It can be seen on the top of some trees below and right of the flower cart.
Victoria Riflebird Victoria's Riflebird This bird hides in a group of trees just right of the lake.
Wilson Bird of Paradise Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise It shows up on a lone tree along the right shore of the lake.
Lesser Bird of Paradise Lesser Bird-of-Paradise This bird can be seen on the top of the treeline just below the lake.
Red Bird of Paradise Red Bird-of-Paradise This bird is perched in some trees on the left shore of the lake.
Western Parotia Western Parotia It is hiding behind some trees around the top left corner of the lake.


  • It's the first bird-themed party.
  • This is the first party to have a page in the Journey Book, with Call of the Alphas as the only other one.
  • There is a Paradise Couch on display for the shop, but there is no Paradise Couch for sale. However, there was a Rare Paradise Couch on sale at Jam Mart Furniture for a Rare Item Monday.
  • The Paradise Riflebird, Magnificent Riflebird, and Victoria's Riflebird have been noted to be dancing in time with each other when they are viewed in the Journey Book.


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