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Parties are themed rooms that were introduced on December 15, 2011. They are listed in the "My Parties" tab, which can be accessed by clicking on the party hat button, and they are hosted every thirty minutes. The Host-Your-Own-Party feature was added on December 17, 2015, allowing Jammers with membership to host their own parties and title it a custom three-part name.

Permanent Parties

These are the parties that remain accessible continuously.

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Party Available to Time of Year Currently Available?
Summer-Carnival Party-Button.png All Jammers May-September Yes
Masterpiece party current banner.png All Jammers Year-round Yes
Welcome Party New Jammers Discontinued
(Formerly Year-round)

Temporary Parties

These are the parties that change every 30 minutes in the game. Not all of these parties return.

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Party Time of Year Currently Available?
Jamaaliday Jam banner.png End of July; December - January No
Leap-Year-Party Banner.png February 29 No
BetaPartyBanner.png July-September No
Paradise party banner.png Year-round Yes
Trading Party sign.png Year-round (discontinued) No
Heatwave Party.png June-August (discontinued) No
Schoolhouse Party Banner.png August-September No
AJ BDAY PARTY.jpg September No
Best Guess game.PNG Year-round Yes
Animal Jam friendship party.png January-February No
Jam Session 2.png Year-round Yes
Pet ski jump-1.png Year-round No
Lucky Party.png March-April No
Haunted-Forest-Party Parties-Button.png October-November No
Spooky Party Banner.png October-November No
April Fools' Party.png April No
New year's Party.png December-January No
Cruise Ship Party.png April-October Yes
Dinner Party Image.png Year-round Yes
Freedom-Party Parties-Button.png July No
Play Wild Party.png Year-round (discontinued) No
Call of the Alphas button.png Year-round Yes
Year of the Rat Party January 2020 (discontinued) No
Year-of-the-ox-party-banner.PNG January 2021 (discontinued) No


These are the temporary parties that require specific animals or pets.

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Party Available to Time of Year Currently Available?
CLOUD PARTY.png Flying Animals Year-round Yes
Chinese New Year Party Button.png Monkeys January 2016 (discontinued) No
Atlantis Party.png Underwater Animals Year-round No
Horses-Only-Party Go-Now.png Horses Year-round Yes
Pets Only Party.png Jammers
with Pets
Year-round Yes
CountdownPlayasyourpetparty.png Jammers
with Pets
Year-round Yes
Monkeys-Only-Party.png Monkeys Year-round Yes
Wolves-Only-Party.png Wolves
Arctic Wolves
Snowflake Arctic Wolves
Year-round Yes
Penguins Only Party.png Penguins Year-round Yes
My-Parties Bunnies-Only-Party.png Bunnies
Spring Bunnies
Year-round Yes
Year of the rooster party.png Jammers with a Pet Rooster January 2017 (discontinued) No
Year of the Dog Party.png Jammers with a Pet Puppy or Pet Poodle January 2018 (discontinued) No
Year of the Pig Party.png Jammers with Pigs January 2019 (discontinued) No


  • Most parties can still be accessed if Jammers are still in it after their banner has expired on the My Parties tab. This can be done by joining a buddy that is in the expired party using their player card.
  • Sometimes a party's banner says "Go Now" before it has started, resulting in a pop-up telling the player to wait.
  • The Welcome Party doesn't show up on the Party List. This party is available when Jammers make a new account, but buddies may follow them there.
  • New Jammers can't see upcoming parties or Jammer Parties, and can only see current parties.
  • When the player is in a party and then clicks on that party's banner again, they will be taken to the most populated room for that party. If the player is already in the most populated room, they will stay in the current room and a pop-up will be displayed instead.
  • There is a glitch where the player cannot purchase any items from a party's shop if they follow a buddy to a party that had already ended before they logged in.
  • Even when a party has ended, unless the player leaves, they will stay in the party until they go, and no pop-up will appear notifying them of the party's end.


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