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Pattern Example

An example of the pattern selection screen

Patterns are an in-game option that enables Jammers to have a certain design for their animal avatar. Patterns can be any of the fifty colors available as part of the regular color palette. These can be customized in the Change Your Look menu screen along with all of the other color selections for the animal.

Common Patterns[]

These are the typical patterns that most animals can use.

  • Sharp Swirl: This consists of a curved, swirling pattern that includes sharp points on the ends.
  • Rectangular Spiral: This consists of a rectangular spiral pattern that resembles the patterns commonly associated with Phantom structures.
  • Splatter: This consists of liquid-like splatter patterns that vary in size and shape.
  • Flame: This consists of flame-like patterns that have rounded edges along the bottom and sharp, curving points at the top.
  • Lightning Bolt: This consists of a zigzag pattern with sharp edges.
  • Heart: This consists of heart-shaped patterns in various sizes.

Land Only[]

These are the patterns that only land animals can use.

  • Blotches: This consists of uneven blobs that have a variety of sizes.
  • Spots: This consists of circles that are mostly the same size.
  • Leaf: This consists of leaf-shaped patterns in various sizes.
  • Crescent Moon: This consists of rounded crescent moon shapes with sharp points, some of which are overlapping to create elaborate designs.
  • Star: This consists of many five-pointed star shapes in various sizes.

Underwater Only[]

These are the patterns that only underwater animals can use.

  • Hibiscus: This consists of flower-like patterns that come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Flower: This pattern uses a flower shape with five petals that have sharp hollow segments in their centers.
  • Short Stripes: This consists of short stripes that have sharp points on each end.
  • Skull: This pattern uses a skull-like design, which does not include the jaw portion, in various sizes.
  • Starfish: This consists of rounded, five-pointed star patterns that are irregular and resemble starfish.

Unique Patterns[]

Some patterns can only be used by certain animals.

  • Rosette (Snow Leopard and Cheetah): This consists of small, rounded half-spirals that resemble the spirals of rose petals.
  • Ears & Legs (Fox and Raccoon): This is a solid pattern that primarily covers the ears but also covers other parts of the body depending on the animal.
  • Diamond Patches (Giraffe): This consists of diamond-shaped, polygonal patches that vary in size.
  • Long Stripes (Tiger, Horse and Sabertooth): This consists of long stripes that come to sharp points at the ends.
  • Stripe & Spots (Lynx): This pattern has small, misshapen splotches scattered on the sides of the body with a large spot on the tip of the tail and a sharp stripe along the back of the neck.
  • Toucan Underbelly/Sloth Eye Rings (Toucan and Sloth): This pattern consists of an almost perfectly shaped oval with a small triangular cut-out area on the bottom left hand corner. On toucans, this pattern appears on its belly. On sloths, this pattern appears around its eyes.

Seasonal Animal Patterns[]

Some animals have only one pattern to choose from.

  • Snowflakes (Snowflake Arctic Wolf): This pattern consist of large snowflakes that appear on the neck and tail. There are two snowflake designs that both have a hexagonal branched style. There is also a circle of matching snowflakes that appears on the ground around the animal.
  • Flowers (Spring Bunny): These consist of flowers which go on the bunny's cheek and thigh. There is also a circle of matching flowers that appears on the ground around the animal.
  • Polar Snowflakes (Polar Arctic Fox): This pattern consists of snowflakes that appear on the tail, chest, and one of the animals' eyes. The snowflakes all have the same design with six diamond shapes fitted together around a single point and small swirls along the outer edges. There is also a circle of matching snowflakes that appears on the ground around the animal.
  • Roses (Enchanted Eagle): These consist of flowers similar to the Spring Bunny. They are seen on the eye, both wings, and on the chest. A circle of matching roses circle this animal.

Unreleased Animal Patterns[]

As of now, there is only one pattern that exists in-game but cannot be used legitimately.

  • Butterfly (Bunny, Fox, Penguin, Seal, Wolf): An outline of a butterfly is on the forehead of each animal, with lace-like patterns on the legs and tail, and a large patch on the belly. Each animal has a small paw emblem on either their shoulder or thigh, and three tiny dots above their eyes. This pattern is nearly identical to that seen on the unused Enchanted Earth characters, making it very likely that the two are related.


  • Most animals only have the six common patterns and five land/ocean patterns for a total of eleven pattern choices.
  • The only animals that do not use the standard color palette for the patterns is the Spring Bunny, Snowflake Arctic Wolf, and the Polar Arctic Fox which use a custom pattern screen where the pattern colors are predefined and there is only one shape- snowflakes for the arctic wolf and flowers for the bunny. Also, in the color palette, there is a golden area with either flowers or snowflakes depending on the animal.
  • The Rosette pattern actually appears slightly different between the Cheetah and Snow Leopard. On the Cheetah, the pattern is thinner and covers the tail, while on the Snow Leopard, it is thicker and covers the ears.
  • On the Seasonal Animal Patterns, such as the Spring Bunny, can be colored into magenta.
  • On a Crocodile, the star pattern appears to be the crescent moon pattern.


Unreleased "Butterfly" pattern[]