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Welcome to your new home! My name is Peck and I'd like to show you around! Follow me!
~ Peck on the New Jammer Tutorial

Peck is the Alpha of the Bunnies. She was introduced in 2010 as one of the first six Alphas, but her first appearance in the game was as a statue released in 2011. She was not seen in the game until the New Jammer tutorial was introduced in 2015. She is often associated with the art and creativity of Jamaa, and regular artistic challenges are held by AJHQ in her name.


Peck is a plum-purple, pale pink and fuchsia colored rabbit with patches on the tips of her ears. She has dark lilac ribbons tied around her tail and left ear. She also has a creamy-yellow colored bell connected to her right ear, neon purple head-fur that is styled in side-swept bangs, pale pink nose, magenta eyes and dark lilac bands around her feet and arms. She has white paw-pads, darker eye-shadow with white dots on top and white ear-insides.


Cute but definitely not cuddly, Peck is the rabbit Shaman. She is the loud and feisty one of the group, and she is a nonconformist and very independent. She lets her punk rock creative spirits guide her, and likes her music loud and her clothing even louder! Peck is friendly to everyone and sees herself as just one of the gang. She doesn't flaunt her Shaman status, and as a matter of fact can be a little embarrassed at being treated with reverence. Peck loves to create, and is a gifted interior designer, painter, and musician. She does her best to leave her distinctive mark of color-meets-attitude wherever she goes throughout Jamaa.
~ Shaman Animals Lore
Peck, the bunny Alpha, offered to give my cart a new paint job! I might just take her up on that! Pink's one of my favorite colors!
~ Arthur, Play Wild's Traveling Salesman


  • She is named after Annie Peck, a woman mountaineer for the early National Geographic Society.
  • She and Liza are the only Alphas to lead the New Jammer Tutorial. She is the second alpha to lead the tutorial and replaced Liza in 2015.
  • She is one of the only female alphas along with Tavie and Liza.
  • Her guardian land is Appondale, as the Claws N' Paws tree was going to be her house in the first draft.
  • It has been stated that her favorite color is purple. This is told by her profile during the Beta Testing.
  • She currently introduces new players to the game in the tutorial.
  • Peck is also featured in the mobile game Tunnel Town, giving a tutorial when you first enter the game.
  • There is a den based on Peck called Peck's Den.
  • The only adventures Peck appears in so far are at the end of Storming The Fortress and near the end of The River's Heart.
  • There is a Masterpiece frame that is named after and based on Peck.