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Peck's Den is a members-only land den.


This is a very large den that is in the style of a bunny burrow. The top of the den is above ground and features a grassy clearing with many different flowers that line the base of a cliff, a small waterfall, a small river, and some small wooden bridges. The underground burrow part of the den has two entrances: one on the left side, near the entrance of the den, and another one on the far right side, across the bridges.

The first underground area is divided up into three rooms that share the same multicolored wooden flooring and purple wallpaper, which includes various colorful circles and wood pieces/rectangles. The main floor of this first area is large and connects to a smaller, raised floor to the right of it via two giant drum steps that act like trampolines, launching Jammers upward when they walk over them. Below the main floor is a flight of wooden purple stairs that lead down to a slightly smaller floor; under the stairs are shelves that hold various different art supplies such as canvases, paintbrushes, paper, crayons, and paint. Both the smaller upper floor and the large bottom floor connect to the center-most area to the right of them.

The center-most underground area is split into two floors and features a series of waterfalls from the above ground river, with the last waterfall flowing onto a giant pink crystal statue of Peck, the bunny alpha. The top floor of this area includes a series of empty shelves built into the wall, a metal guardrail that is topped with candles, and a small wooden suspension bridge. The left side of this area includes a rope ladder that leads down to a floor (which is decorated with blue, pink, and green square tiles) surrounding a pond at the base of the waterfall, in which the edges closest to the stone are rainbow-colored. Next to the ladder, there is another set of shelves built into the cave wall and these seem to be filled with coloring books. Both floors of this area connect to the adjoining floor for the areas on either side of it.

On the right side of the burrow, there is a brightly-lit room with a floor that is covered in moss and small flowers. This room features four giant, orange, carrot-shaped crystals that include green crystals for the stems. The bottom of this room includes a steep set of stairs that lead down to a giant drum that acts as another trampoline for the den with large crystals embedded into the walls around it. Below the drum are stone stairs that lead down to a stone pathway which is covered in splotches of paint in various colors.

Below the paint-splotched room on the right side of the den, there is a small stone room that features four giant glowing crystals, three of which have been carved into statues of the Alphas: Sir Gilbert, Graham, and Cosmo. A short series of stone stairs down and left lead to a giant room that has geode style walls and an opalescent shale flooring. To the left of the geode room is a dungeon-like room that has stone brick walls, a lava pit on one side, and metal grates hanging by chains above the lava. This last room can be accessed by walking through the southwest corner of the geode area.


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  • The bouncing effect for the drums in this den is similar to the floors of the Bounce House Den.
  • The small section of lava will cause nearby Jammers to "heat up" (turn red), similar to the lava in the Greely's Hideout.
  • There is a glitch where Jammers with land animals can run into the lava, but their animal will freeze in place right on the edge of the lava and the frame-rate of the game will drop considerably.
    • If a player goes into the lava while previewing the den and then exits the preview while still in the lava, they will no longer see the chat bubbles above their animal when sending chat messages, but other Jammers will still see the player's chat bubbles. Also, the other Jammers that were in the same area (when the player first previewed the den) will no longer be visible to the player even though they may still be in the same area.
  • There is a glitch where the water in this den will make the player red as if it were the lava. This happens when the player becomes red from standing near the lava in this den, then switches the den to a different den, and finally switches the den back to this den before the red effect wears off.
  • The drums look like smaller versions of the drum that is seen in the Bunnies Only Party, which resembles the Bunny Drum.
  • It has some similarities with the Enchanted Hollow Den.
  • Unlike most other wallpapers, the Starry Walls does not have a unique pattern for this den.
  • Unlike most other floorings, the Coral Canyons Floor does not have a unique pattern for this den.
  • A glitch sometimes occurs when the icon will appear blank and the name will read #6256 after switching out of the den.


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