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For the animal counterpart, see Crocodile.

The Pet Crocodile is a members-only land pet that was released on April 13, 2017. There is a chance to hatch it from the Pet Egg, which is sold throughout the lands of Jamaa (as well as the Diamond Shop) as part of the Eggstravaganza event.


The Pet Crocodile has a long, bumped tail, spikes on the crocodile's back, and sharp teeth sticking out of its mouth. The pet crocodile also has a light underbelly and flipper-shaped feet. The scutes that line its back are the secondary color of its egg. The pet crocodile is very similar to its animal counterpart, the Crocodile.


Action Description
The pet crocodile does a playful opening of the mouth while eyes closed, tilts head upward. Opens its jaws and bites the air.
The pet crocodile puts two feet on the ground with the tail facing up.
Very similar to the actual Crocodile stands on one foot, however, it does not open its jaws like the Crocodile.
The pet crocodile puts one foot up one at a time back and forth with its mouth open.
The pet crocodile spreads its feet and sleeps on its belly.
The pet crocodile puts its two front feet up and hops.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Petcrochorns.PNG Horns A pair of horns.
Petcrochair.PNG Longer Mohawk A mohawk that matches the pet's color.
Petcrocdragon.PNG Dragon Mask A dragon mask that matches the pet.
Petcroccandle.PNG Candle A small lit candle. The candle's coloration matches the pet's secondary color.

Head and Face

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Items Description
Pet Crocodile Accessories Red Bow.png Red Bow A bow that is worn on the top of the head.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Spiked Hat.png Spiked Hat This hat is round with 3 spikes on it.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Bowler Hat.png Bowler Hat This item looks similar to the rare variant of the bowler hat.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Hunter Hat.png Hunter Hat A hat with multiple fangs attached to it (a possible reference to The Crocodile Hunter).

Body and Back

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Items Description
Pet Crocodile Accessories Heart Glasses.png Heart Glasses Red heart-shaped sunglasses with black lenses on the eyes.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Spiked Ball.png Spiked Ball Spiked ball on the tail.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Mustache.png Mustache A mustache the color of your crocodile's primary color.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Lantern.png Lantern A lantern dangling from a stick.

Body and Legs

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Items Description
Pet Crocodile Accessories Black Spiked Wrist.png Black Spiked Wrist Very similar to the black short spiked wristband, except on all feet.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Bow Tie.png Bow Tie A black bow tie around neck with cuff-links on paws.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Skirt.png Skirt A red skirt similar to the Designer Skirt.
Pet Crocodile Accessories Fang Necklace.png Fang Necklace A fanged necklace that matches the Hunter hat.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Board Game, Bowling Set, Dance Floor, Joke Book, Jump Rope, Kite, Paddle Boat, Rock Garden, Snorkel Mask, Waterslide

Any one of these:

Cake, Chowder, Cookies, Egg Rolls, Gummy Fish, Hamburgers, Meatballs, Omelettes, Sandwiches, Sushi


  • It was first seen in the game as a result of a glitch where Jammers could see what was inside the Pet Eggs before they hatched, but that was later patched.
  • The pet crocodiles are one of several pets that come out of the Pet Eggs. The others are the Pet Falcon, the Pet Baby Chick, the Pet Platypus, the Pet Echidna, the Pet Crow, the Pet Poodle Moth, the Pet Vulture, the Pet Millipede, the Pet Sparrow, the Pet Cardinal, and the Pet Frilled Lizard.
    • They were also the 1st reptilian pet to come out of Pet Eggs, the 2nd being frilled lizards
  • Its mustache accessory may be a reference to AJHQ's main animal, which is a crocodile that is always wearing a mustache.
  • Like their animal counterpart, pet crocodiles are incapable of entering underwater areas even though crocodiles are aquatic animals.



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