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For the animal counterpart, see Eagle.

The Pet Eagle is a members-only land pet.


The pet has a wide head, small body, short wings, and tiny talons. It is available in a variety of saturated colors. The following features of the pet can be customized:

  • The feathers on the head can be turned around into different positions.
  • The beak can be changed to be broader, narrower, etc.
  • The pattern on its belly can be changed into either a star, heart, or a lightning bolt.


Action Description
It carves a cloud into the shape of a normal cumulus cloud, a unicorn, or an ice cream cone.
It leans back with its wings at its sides.
It plays a guitar with its wings while rocking back and forth. Musical notes appear around the pet and float away.
It raises its wings to the air and shifts side to side.
It leans back and closes its eyes while "Z"-s float up from its beak.
It bounces straight up and down while flapping its wings slowly.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories[]

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Items Description
Powdered Wig White wig similar to what men wore in 18th Century Western culture. It has a hair clip that changes depending on the pattern chosen.
Nest With Egg A nest holding a single large egg with a few dark spots that appears on the pet's head. The color of the egg and nest changes depending on the pattern chosen. When the lightning bolt is chosen a yellow hatchling regularly peeks out.
Head Mirror A head mirror widely recognized as indicating a doctor that appears on the pet's head. Different accessories or details are added depending on the pattern chosen.
Bandana With Hair A short hairstyle with a bandana tied on the head. Colors change depending on the pattern chosen. Choosing the star pattern significantly changes it to a curly wig with a feather headband.


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Items Description
Flower Hat A hat made of grass and flowers. The flower colors change based on the chosen colors.
Tricorne A tan hat with the brim pinned up that sits on the pet's head. Details change depending on which pattern was chosen.
Cactus Hat A cactus that sits on the left side of the pet's head. Details change deending on which pattern was chosen. Picking the lightning bolt symbol changes the hat entirely into a skull and bones.
Police Hat A blue police officer's hat with a gold emblem on the front. Details change to match the chosen pattern.


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Items Description
Monocle A black monocle with blue glass that the pet wears on the left eye.
Aviator Sunglasses Dark blue, aviator-style sunglasses worn on the pet's face.
Mustache A long black moustache appears on the pet's beak.
Eyeshadow Pink eyeshadow that appears on the pet's face.


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Items Description
Handcuffs Metal handcuffs that the pet holds in one claw.
Heart Bag A light purple heart-shaped bag with a sparkle design and a white zipper held in the pet's claw.
Yo-Yo A blue yo-yo that the pet plays with.
Rocket Engines Two large engines that appear to propel the pet upward.

Adoption Certificates[]

Possible Outcomes[]

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Bow and Arrows, Dreamcatcher, Fancy Kite, Fishing Pole, Hang Glider, Headphones, Jetpack, Light Up UFO Toy, Sturdy Nest, Toy Airplane

Any one of these:

Chowder, Corn Dogs, Donuts, Hot Cocoa, Lasagna, Nachos, Nuts, Pizza, Stew, Stroganoff


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  • They are the second flying pet to be obtainable in the Diamond Shop, the first being the Pet Owl.
  • They have an animal counterpart, the Eagle, and a Plushie counterpart.
  • They flap their wings faster than most other flying pets, despite having relatively smaller wings.
  • Eagle pets are always flapping their wings, even when a Jammer is not moving their animal.
  • The other flying pets are the Owl, Butterfly, Bat, Dove, Crow, Falcon, Firefly, and Hummingbird.
  • When the sleeping action is performed and then the play action, the eagle will close it's eyes whilst playing the guitar.


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