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Not to be confused with the Pet Firefly.

The Pet Galactic Firefly is a non-member land pet. It was released during May 2020 as part of the Spring 2020 Night Sky Box, redeemable from the code with the box.


The Pet Galactic Firefly is very similar in appearance to the Pet Firefly, only it has different customizations. The star-shaped antennae are non-customizable apart from color, but they can be replaced with others in the Pet Stop. The firefly emits a powdery-like aura at all times. There are different speeds at which the firefly's abdomen glows on and off, and this is customizeable.


Acts Description
The galactic firefly flies upward, briefly glows the same color as its abdomen, and flies down to its original position.
The pet stays still in place, though its wings still flap.
The pet swings in a back and forth motion.
The pet closes its eyes and stays still while Z's float from it.
The pet flies upward, birefly glows the same color as its abdomen, and flies down to its original position
Three asteroid-like rocks appear in front of the pet and it flies to each one, tapping on them.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop, but the "rare" accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Pointed Antennae.png
Pointed Antennae A pair of antennae that are pointed to look like arrows.
Tripple Antennae.png
Triple Antennae 3 antennae that are curled in like "normal".
Lightning Antennae.png
Lightning Antennae A pair of lightning shaped antennae.
Ram Antennae.png
Curled Antennae A pair of antennae that curl in different ways.


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Items Description
RingedAntennaePGF.PNG Ringed Antennae A pair of straight antennae bent at the top with two rings on each.
SwirledAntennaePGF.PNG Swirled Antennae A pair of antennae that swirls up at the top.
ShortAntennaePGF.PNG Short Antennae A pair of short and thick antennae.
UFOAntennaePGF.PNG UFO Antennae A pair of antennae with a ball at the top and a large ring further down, resembling that of the top of a UFO.


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Items Description
GlowHelmetPGF.PNG Glow Helmet A helmet that when worn shows a glow in the screen.
DivingHelmetPGF.PNG Dark Helmet A helmet with fins on the top, supposedly for diving.
MechaArmsPGF.PNG Mechanical Arms A pair of mechanical robot-like arms.
UFOHatPGF.PNG UFO Hat A hat worn on the head that resembles a UFO with an alien inside.


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Items Description
SwirlThingPGF.PNG Swirl A large tan-colored swirl appearing behind the pet that expands and shrinks while spinning.
RainbowPGF.PNG Rainbow Aura A rainbow-colored aura surrounding the pet in rings.
SparklesPGF.PNG Sparkles Many sparkles appearing and flashing around the pet.
StarsPGF.PNG Stars Stars in various shapes and sizes moving, growing, and shrinking around the pet. They match the pet's colors.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food
Any one of these:

Compass, Fairy Lights, Galaxy Blanket, Globe, Glow-in-the-Dark Stars, Nightlight, Silver Spoon, Star Charts, Star Projector, Telescope

Any one of these:

Crepes, Dew, Honey, Mooncakes, Powdered Sugar, Sparkling Water, Sprinkles, Stardust, Starlight, Sugar Cookies