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Not to be confused with the Pet Love Bunny or the Pet Bunny.

The Pet Golden Bunny is a non-member promo pet. It was first released in December 2016 and can only be obtained by redeeming the Pet Stop Pals Adoption Set.


The Pet Golden Bunny has a circular head, medium-sized ears, and a little, circular tail just like the member Pet Bunny; however, one difference is that it only comes in one coloration, gold along with any accessories it might be equipped.


Action Description
A top hat appears with a puff of smoke, and it hops in. After a second or two, the bunny peeks out of the hat and then jumps out while the hat disappears in another puff of smoke.
It sits upright.
It plays a game of chess and hops up and down after checkmating.
It stands up on hind legs and sways chest back and forth.
It lies flat on its belly and closes its eyes while animated Z's float away.
It hops up and down.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories[]

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Items Description
Goldtophat Golden Top Hat A golden Fancy Top Hat.
Goldpirate Golden Pirate Hat A golden Pirate Hat with a skull mark on it.
Goldenegg Golden Egg Hat A golden hat with a light gold zigzagged line going through the middle of it, resembling a Eggshell Helmet.
Goldpaper Golden Newspaper Hat A golden hat in the shape of an origami newspaper hat.

Head and Face[]

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Items Description
Goldfloppy Golden Sun Hat A golden floppy sun hat, resembling a Gardening Hat
Goldhat Golden Feather Hat A golden hat with a feather, resembling a Hood With Feather
Goldstraw Golden Strawberry Hat A golden strawberry hat.
Goldcarrot Golden Hat with Carrot A golden hat with a carrot attached to a rope.

Body and Back[]

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Items Description
Goldvamp Golden Vampire Costume A golden Dracula costume with golden fangs.
Goldglass Golden Goggles A pair of golden Goggles, resembling Round Glasses cover the bunny's eyes
Goldmask Golden Ninja Mask A golden Ninja Mask that covers the bunny's eyes.
Goldhair Golden Hair Golden hair that covers the bunny's forehead.

Body and Legs[]

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Items Description
Goldchick Golden Chick A little golden bird follows the bunny around.
Goldwand Golden Bubble Blower A golden bubble wand with animated floating bubbles that surround the bunny.
Goldnet Golden Net A golden butterfly net with a butterfly floating overhead.
Goldrock Golden Rocket A golden rocket with animated flames.

Adoption Certificates[]

Possible Outcomes[]

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Gold Art Set, Gold Carrot Pillow, Gold Disco Ball, Gold Skateboard, Golden Hang Glider, Golden Jump Rope, Golden Pinwheel, Golden Trampoline, Magical Gold Wand, Musical Gold Harp

Any one of these:

Golden Apples, Golden Berries, Golden Carrot Soup, Golden Dandelions, Golden Fruit Salad, Golden Jellybeans, Golden Raisins, Golden Sponge Cake, Golden Veggies, Golden Waffles


  • There is a glitch where the icon for this pet shows the symbol for Diamonds even though this pet was never sold in the Diamond Shop. It happens for the Pet Seal, Pet Groundhog, and Pet Otter as well.
  • The Pet Golden Bunny's favorite toy and food almost always starts with Gold or Golden.
  • There are three types of pet bunnies in game. They are the Pet Bunny, Pet Love Bunny, and Pet Golden Bunny.
  • As well as the Pet Golden Bunny, there is a Pet Golden Pony and a Pet Golden Armadillo.
  • Its actions and accessories match with the regular Pet Bunny, except that the accessories are mostly golden.


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