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The Pet Hippo is a members-only land and underwater pet.


The Pet Hippo has a wide, triangular head with a large mouth and a short body that has stubby legs. This pet can appear in a variety of bright colors.

The eyes available include happy, cartoon-like, crossed out, sleepy, round with eyelashes, and plain round. The ear options include up-turned, long and droopy, rounded, and sharp. The face options consist of a regular smile, an overbite, a smile with the tongue hanging out, and a smile with two large teeth sticking out.

The body pattern offers four options with some slight differences. The half-and-half pattern consists of a dark secondary color across the entire front-half of the body with a bright primary color on the back-half of the body. The widow's-peak pattern consists of a dark secondary color on the face with a V-shape on the forehead and a light primary color for the rest of the body. The plain pattern has a dark primary color on most of the body with a dark secondary color around the mouth. The spotted pattern uses a light primary color for most of the body with a dark secondary color for spots on the back and it also includes pink around the mouth.


Action Description
Three random fruits roll out from behind the pet and the pet runs to collect them.
The pet sits down.
The pet stands on its hind legs and kicks its legs back and forth.
The pet lies flat on its stomach and Z's appear.
The pet hops up and down.
Three random fruits roll out from behind the pet and it collects them. The action is automatically repeated.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.


Rare Accessories[]

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Items Description
Hippobow Hair Bow A hair bow rests on the head.
Hipporiceplatter Rice Platter Rice snacks on a platter appear on the pet's head.
Hippocathat Cat Hat A striped and polka-dotted cat hat appears on the hippo's head.
Hippobird Bird A purple and pink bird sits on the pet's head.


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Items Description
Hippoaviator Aviator Hat A brown aviator-style cap with goggles.
Hippounicornhorn Unicorn Horn A golden unicorn horn.
Hippohippos Hippos A stack of three hippo plushies that rest on the pet's head. A larger yellow hippo is on the bottom, with a medium green hippo on top of it, and finally a small pink hippo on top.
Hippocrown Crown A silver crown appears on the pet's head.


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Items Description
Hipposhirt Sweatshirt A purple sweatshirt with the hood up.
Hippotutu Tutu A pink, frilly tutu.
Hippopatches Patches An assortment of white and pink patches appear all over the pet.
Hippotubes Tubes A brown strap that appears on the pet's back with three tubes sticking out of it.


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Items Description
Hippopopsicle Popsicle A red, white, and green popsicle that floats beside the pet's head.
Hippowings Wings A pair of white cartoonish wings that float on the pet's back.
Hippomechpig Mechanical Pig A dark pink and brown wind-up piglet toy that follows the pet.
Hippolei Lei A necklace of pink, green, and yellow flowers.



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Items Description
Hippo-Items Webbed Ears The pet's ears turn into blue and teal webbed ears.
Hippo-Items2 Snail A green and blue snail with a webbed fin sits on the pet's head.
Hippo-Items3 Pigtails Blue and purple hair appears on the pet's head in two pigtails with bangs.
Hippo-Items4 Shell Headband A purple and white striped band with matching shell appears on the pet's head.


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Items Description
Hippo-Neck1 Shell and Star Necklace A necklace with alternating shells, stars, and pearls appears around the pet's neck.
Hippo-Neck2 Pompom Necklace A pearl necklace with a blue and purple pompom appears around the pet's neck.
Hippo-Neck3 Horn A white and aqua striped shell horn appears in the pet's mouth.
Hippo-Neck4 Tail A long tail with a blue and aqua webbed fin at the end appears on the pet. The main color of the pet blends into the tail.


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Items Description
Hippo-1 Fins A blue dorsal fin with aqua webbing is added to the pet's back. More aquatic-looking toes appear on the feet.
Hippo-2 Lightning Bolts Electricity appears around the pet's body.
Hippo-3 Seaweed Skirt A green skirt made of seaweed with a purple and white band appears on the pet's body.
Hippo-4 Skirt A purple layered skirt with a pearls appears on the pet's body.

Adoption Certificates[]

Possible Outcomes[]

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Bubbling Spring, Garden Sprinkler, Giant Fruit Basket, Marbles, Medicine Ball, Memory Game, Scuba Gear, Slippery Slide, Tutu, Wading Pool

Any one of these:

Alfalfa, Fruit, Grasses, Green Shoots, Herbs, Lettuce, Melons, Mixed Vegetables, Reeds, Water Plants


The Pet Hippo was initially released on March 31, 2016, as a promotional gift from the Pet Hippo Bundle and returns during the spring months. It was most recently released on June 13, 2024, in the Diamond Shop.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Pet Hippo BundleMarch 31, 2016July 2016
Diamond ShopMarch 16, 2018April 27, 2018
Diamond ShopMay 7, 2021August 26, 2022
Royal Garden BundleJune 1, 2023July 6, 2023
Diamond ShopJune 13, 2024N/A


  • They are the fourth pet that can go on land and underwater. The first is the Pet Turtle, the second is the Pet Polar Bear, and the third is the Pet Penguin.
  • There have been multiple glitches that caused this pet to be purchasable in the Choose a Pet menu. This occurred in March 2018, where this pet was available for Diamonds.


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