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The Joey is a non-member land pet. It can only be unlocked in the mobile game AJ Jump by getting 1,000 points and then transferring the pet to the Jammer's Animal Jam account. The pet can only be transfered once but can be bought again. This pet became available after AJ Jump was officially launched in December 2013.


The Pet Joey has big, long ears. It has a long tail with long, narrow feet. It can be customized with the standard color palette, six different eye choices, four different hair styles, four different ear shapes, and four different ear colors.


  • Clicked (Default)
  • Clicked (Ball Accessory)
  • Clicked (Boomerang Accessory)
  • Clicked (Boxing Gloves Accessory)
  • Clicked (Shoes Accessory)
  • Dancing
  • Sleeping
  • Hopping
  • Playing
Action Description
By default, the pet joey jumps forward and does a moonwalk similar to the dance action of the kangaroo. If it has the phantom bouncy ball, the joey flings it in the air with its tail, catches it on its nose, then kicks it with its feet. If it has the boomerang, the joey throws it far to one side and catches it when it comes back. If it has boxing gloves, the joey kicks and punches. If it has shoes, the joey jumps up and down on coil springs while doing a flip.
The pet joey jumps from side to side while kicking its feet.
The pet joey lays flat with its feet extended behind it.
The pet joey ducks down and then leaps high into the air.
The pet joey tosses a disc into the air, rolls back onto its tail and kicks it up, then rolls forward onto its paws and kicks it up again.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
PetJoeyCrown Crown A small, golden crown is worn on the pet's head.
PetJoeyAntlers Antlers A pair of Deer Antlers is worn on the pet's head.
PetJoeyWig Wig A blond, curly wig is worn on the pet's head.
PetJoeyAnimalHead Animal Head A blue animal head replaces the pet's normal head.


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Items Description
PetJoeyCowboyHat Cowboy Hat A brown Cowboy Hat is worn on the pet's head.
PetJoeyEyeglasses Eyeglasses A pair of Round-rimmed glasses is worn on the pet's face.
PetJoeyTiara Tiara A sparkly, pink Tiara is worn on the pet's head.
PetJoeyTurban Turban A white Turban with a light blue gemstone is worn on the pet's head.


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Items Description
PetJoeySpines Stegosaurus Spines A set of Stegosaurus Spines are worn along the pet's back.
PetJoeyLasso Rope A brown Lasso is carried at the pet's side.
PetJoeyGrasshopper Mantis A small Praying Mantis stands behind the pet and follows it around.
PetJoeyNet Bug Net A large bug net is carried at the pet's side.


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Items Description
PetJoey-Shoes Spring Shoes A pair of shoes with springs on the bottom are worn on the pet's hind legs. The springs are visible as the pet hops around while walking with the player.
PetJoey-Boomerang Boomerang A boomerang is carried at the pet's side.
PetJoey-Ball Phantom Bouncy Ball A Phantom bouncy ball is carried by the pet. When clicked with the accessory, The joey hurls it up with its tail and kicks it around with its feet as the ball bounces around, such as a soccer player does.
PetJoey-BoxingGloves Boxing Gloves A pair of red boxing gloves are worn on the pet's front paws.


The player must first start AJ Jump and log in using their Animal Jam account. This can be done by finding the "Options" menu inside AJ Jump and clicking on the "Log in" button. Once logged in, the player can click the "Transfer Joey" button and a message saying "Joey Transferred" should pop up in AJ Jump. A "Pet Joey Kangaroo" should arrive in a unique gift message with red curtains opening to view a violet and purple kangaroo the next time the player logs into Animal Jam. At the top on a blue half-circle with a grey outline and leaves tied to the side of it, it says "Jump" and below it it says "Congratulations" in all caps. At the very bottom, it says "Pet Joey Kangaroo" so that the player understands they have received a pet kangaroo. The pet can be transferred only one time.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Bag of Marbles, Jump Rope, Robot Toy, Sleeping Pillow, Boxing Gloves, Plush Kookaburra, Didgeridoo, Boomerang, Punching Bag

Any one of these:

Ferns, Grass, Fruit, Lentils, Toast, Maple Syrup, Moss, Flowers, Leaves, Scrambled Eggs


  • When the player stands still, the joey will periodically rock back on its tail for a moment.
  • The pet joeys were the second pets to be released for non-members, the first being the Hamster.
  • Joeys are just one of many pets that can be obtained from an offline source, but they are the only pet that was exclusively obtained from a mobile app; the other offline pets were obtained from retail Membership gift cards or Jazwares Toys codes.
  • The pet joey is one of the few pets that has a type of accessory as part of its customization, a gemstone earring.
  • Once a Jammer redeems their Pet Joey, they can keep buying more just like any other pet.
  • It is the first pet to have more than one action when clicked.
  • If the Joey is rewarded through Jump!, the player will receive an extra pet slot in Animal Jam.
  • Due to a glitch in March 2017, the Pet Joey was sold in the Choose a Pet menu to all Jammers for 400 Gems even if they had not claimed one through the mobile app.
    • A similar glitch happened in March 2018, except that the animal's price changed to Diamonds.
  • There is a glitch when placed on trade: the Pet Joey appears with a Diamond icon even though it was never sold at the Diamond Shop.
  • The boxing gloves accessory is a reference to the animal's defense of holding an attacker with their forearms, similar to the clinching technique in actual boxing. The boxing kangaroo is also considered to be a national symbol of Australia.


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