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The Pet Koala is a members-only land pet. It was released on July 21, 2017, and is sold at the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds.


This pet has a large head that has a semi-circle shaped head with a rounded top side. It has a small, rounded body, with no tail. This pet can appear in a variety of colors, of which many are a lighter, more pastel tone.

The eye options are: squinted with an upwards curve, rounded with two slight edges on each end of the eye, Dizzy eyes with lines going outwards in a circle creating a swirl pattern, rounded girly eyes which are the same basic shape as the rounded eyes but with eyelashes, angry eyes shaped in a semi-circle and the flat side facing up and slanting down, and squinted eyes formed like two arrow tips pointing upward.

The hair options are a small Mohawk, a small tuft of curled hair, long slightly upward curved hair going back, and very long forward-curved hair.

The pattern options include:

  • The Square boxes around its eyes, circles around the eyes with spikes at the end, circles around the eyes with the right side being bigger, and an m shaped pattern that covers most of the face excluding the forehead.

The ears include:

  • The classic rounded koala ears with spirals in the middle, round ears with fur covering the bottom half, fluffed up rounded ears with fur covering the bottom half, and rounded ears with curled-upward growing fur covering most of the ear except the inward-top edge.


Act Description
It jumps up on two legs.
It sits.
It stands on two legs and wobbles.
It sleeps.
It hops.
It jumps in air and back flips.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The unique accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Koalahat.PNG Hat A hat with a flower on it.
Koalaearmuffs.PNG Earmuffs The pet wears a pair of earmuffs that match its color.
Koalarainbowearmuffs.PNG Rainbows The koala gets a rainbow in it's head.
Koalatree.PNG Tree Hat The koala wears a tree hat.

Head and Face

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Items Description
Koalatophat.PNG Top Hat A striped top hat with a heart and arrow goes on the pet's head.
Koalathing.PNG Tribal Headdress An aboriginal headdress and aboriginal tribal markings adorn the pet's


Koalacupcake.PNG Cupcake The koala wears a pink cupcake on its head.
Koalahelmet.PNG Helmet A spiked helmet.

Body and Back

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Items Description
Koalaglasses.PNG Glasses The pet wears a pair of glasses. The lenses match the pet's color.
Koalaboomerang.PNG Boomerang The pet carries a boomerang.
Koalaflowerandlei.PNG Flower and Lei A head flower and lei appears on the pet. When worn with the tiki-like thing, the head flower changes to a wooden color.
Koalamace.PNG Mace The pet carries a mace with large spikes. The color of the spikes match the pet's color.

Body and Legs

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Items Description
Koalacoat.PNG Coat A coat that matches the pet's color.
Koalaleafskirt.PNG Leaf Skirt A leaf skirt goes on the pet's waist.
Koalathing2.PNG Frilly Suit A frilly suit or coat like piece of clothing. The color matches the pet's color.
Koalaarmor.PNG Armor A spiked collar and wings appear on the pet. The color of the spikes on the collar and the wings match the pet's color.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Basketball, Chemistry Set, Climbing Wall, Didgeridoo, Finger Paints, Hammock, Paintbrush, Plushie Toy, Spinning Top, Zip Line

Any one of these:

Brussels Sprouts, Carrot Sticks, Egg Rolls, Eucalyptus Leaves, Grilled Veggies, Jellybeans, Mixed Nuts, Muffins, Rice, Sweet Potatoes


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