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The Pet Ladybug is a non-member land pet. It was released in June 2016 and it is obtained as a gift after redeeming 40 Adopt-A-Pet Jazwares Toys codes in-game.


The pet has a semicircle-like body with a black head, two antennas, four short pointed legs, two eyes, and spots on the wings on its back. The legs are stubby and pointy. These attributes can be changed, however, when a player first obtains the Pet Ladybug. The player can change the antenna, eyes, body color, and pattern.


Action Description
It hops into the air, spreading its legs out in different directions.
It sits similarly to how most animals and pets sit.
It jumps forward, then does a backflip.
It rocks back and forth.
Three Z's appear as it lays on its belly and sleeps.
It hops the same way it does when clicked.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories[]

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Items Description
Ladybugskirt Flower Skirt The pet wears a flower-like skirt along the mid-section over its back.
Ladybugshrub Shrub The pet wears a bushy green shrub on its back.
Ladybugflytrap Fly Trap The pet wears a potted Venus fly trap plant on its back.
Ladybugcreature Bug A green bug-like creature with long and pointed light green legs and antennae follows the pet around.

Head and Body[]

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Items Description
Ladybugdaisies Flower Antennae The pet's regular antennae are replaced by two flowers with long stems.
Ladybugwitchhat Witch Hat and Broom The pet wears a witch hat on its head and carries a witch broom at its side.
Ladybughamburger Burger Costume The pet wears a large burger costume. Its antennae, face and legs can still be seen.
Ladybugfluff Fluffy Costume The pet's regular face is covered by a mask, and its regular body is replaced with a fluffy one.


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Items Description
Ladybugsocks Striped Toe Socks The pet wears a set of four striped toe socks on its feet.
Ladybugballerina Ballet Slippers The pet wears a set of pink ballet slippers on its feet.
Ladybugshoes White Shoes The pet wears a set of white shoes on its feet.
Ladybugwitchshoes Witch Shoes The pet wears a seat of black witch shoes on its feet.


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Items Description
Ladubugflower Flower Effect Animated flowers in various colors and sizes appear, spin, then disappear around the pet.
Ladybugleaves Leaf Effect Animated, green leaves appear above the pet and float down before disappearing.
Ladybugbubbles Bubble Effect Animated bubbles appear above the pet, float down to the ground behind it, and pop.
Ladybugstars Star Effect Animated stars in various colors and shapes appear, spin, then disappear above the pet.

Adoption Certificates[]

Possible Outcomes[]

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Aphid Toy, Board Game, Dance Floor, Garden Habitat, Giant Sunflower, Library Book, Paintbrush, Spotted Pillow, Toy Airplane, Trampoline

Any one of these:

Bubble Tea, Dates, Dew, Grapes, Grasses, Leaves, Melons, Mildew, Mushrooms, Plants


  • Before they became pets, they were used as decorations around Jamaa and even on the Animal Jam logo as a type of mascot.
    • A ladybug also represented the Bugs category in Spot On!, and the only category representative to be a pet instead of a main animal.
  • Unlike real-life ladybugs, they cannot fly and are not labeled as flying pets. They cannot fly at the Play-As-Your-Pet Party either.
  • When clicking on the pet while it's sleeping, its eyes will open.
  • In August 2016, there used to be a glitch where those that traded for a Pet Ladybug could buy more Pet Ladybugs. This glitch was later fixed and like all rare-tag pets now, you cannot buy more of them in-game.


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