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For the animal counterpart, see Lemur.

The Pet Lemur is a members-only land pet. It was released in the Diamond Shop on March 31, 2016, but it went on clearance on August 4, 2016. It came back as a part of the Artist's Dream Bundle in July 2018. It returned on July 1, 2021, as part of the Renaissance Fair Bundle.


This pet has a large head that is rounded at the top and square-shaped at the bottom. It has a small body, short legs, and a long tail that curls into an "S" shape. This pet can appear in a large variety of bright colors.

The eyes available include wide-open, wide-open with spiral pupils, wide-open with eye-lashes, half-closed with angled eyelids, squinting, and wide-open with up-turned cheeks. The hair options include a small goatee-like tuft under the chin, two thick whisker-like tufts on each cheek, a short beard along the entire jawline, and a plain option that does not include extra hair. The ear options consist of: narrow ears pointing straight up; round ears with long tufts of hair on the edges; wide, short ears pointing out to the sides, and long ears pointing out to the sides with small tufts of hair at the tips.


The body pattern offers four options with a wide range of differences.

  • The "light mask" pattern consists of a bright primary color across the entire body with a bright secondary color on the face, the front of the body, ears, and as stripes on the tail.
  • The "dark mask" pattern consists of white on the head and a bright primary color on the ears, hair, eyes, and torso. There is a dark secondary color on the face, tail, and legs.
  • The "dark eyes" pattern has a dark primary color on the head, body, and start of the tail with a bright primary color on the hair and eyes. There is a dark secondary color around the eyes and stripes on the tail; there is also a light secondary color as a stripe running down the forehead to the belly. Finally, there is a white stripe on the tail.
  • The "dark plain" pattern uses a dark primary color for most of the body with a light primary color for the eyes and hair. There is a bright secondary color for the eyebrows, ears, mouth, neck, and forearms.


When idle, this pet stands upright on its hind legs most of the time and occasionally drops back down to stand on all fours for a short period.

Action Description
This pet has two possible actions.

  • In one action, it hops high up into the air and rapidly spins its tail like a propeller.
  • In the other action, it stands on one leg and kicks into the air with the other.
The pet lemur sits back onto its hind legs.
The pet lemur pulls out a guitar-like instrument and plays it while musical notes float up.
The pet lemur stands up on its hind legs while kicking its feet out.
The pet lemur lays flat on the ground and closes its eyes with "Z"s floating up from the side.
The pet lemur rapidly jumps up and down on its back legs.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
PetLemurLeafHat.png Leaf Wig A thin layer of orange leaf-type needles, surrounding the head.
PetLemurWoolHat.png Wool Hat A white, wool hat with two long pom-pom ear flaps.
PetLemurJesterHat.png Jester Hat A silver and red hat with a long tassel hanging out on each side, each with a golden bell at the end.
PetLemurPuppyHat.png Puppy Hat A white, fluffy puppy hat. It covers most of the lemur's head. It has surprised eyes and long ear flaps.


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Items Description
PetLemurClownHair.png Clown Wig A puffy, rainbow-colored, clown-like wig is added onto the pet's head.
PetLemurTribalHeadband.png Tribal Headband A brown headband, which has a colorful crystal attached to the front, is added around the pet's forehead and two tufts of colorful feathers are added on top of the pet's head.
PetLemurPirateHat.png Pirate Hat A black pirate hat, with a white skull and crossbones symbol on the front, is added onto the pet's head tilted off to one side.
PetLemurFruitHat.png Fruit Bowl A brown bowl, which is filled with fruit and decorated with colorful triangles, is added onto the pet's head


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Items Description
PetLemurRedNose.png Clown Nose A shiny, glowing, red nose is added over the pet's mouth.
PetLemurFacepaint.png Face Paint A vine-like face paint pattern is added around the pet's eyes, replacing the pet's current pattern.
PetLemurEyepatch.png Eye Patch A black eye-patch is added over one of the pet's eyes.
PetLemurWalkingStick.png Walking Stick A wooden walking stick with color bands is added beside the pet as if it is being carried.


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Items Description
PetLemurClownCostume.png Clown Costume A rainbow-colored, flower-petal-like necklace is added around the pet's neck and a rainbow-colored pattern is added over the pet's normal tail pattern.
PetLemurGrassSkirt.png Grass Skirt A hula-like skirt made from strips of green grass is added around the pet's waist.
PetLemurPirateSword.png Pirate Sword A black pirate sword is added beside the pet as if it is being carried and two black peg-legs are added onto the pet's front paws.
PetLemurFlower.png Flower Costume A colorful flower-petal-like necklace is added around the pet's neck and a similar decoration is added around the start of the pet's tail.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Climbing Wall, Hammock, Keyboard, Leafy Pillow, Pile of Fruit, Slippery Slide, Swinging Vine, Tire Swing, Tree House Den, Tribal Mask

Any one of these:

Bamboo, Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, Jellybeans, Leaves, Maple Syrup, Nuts, Tamarind, Tree Bark


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