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The Pet Mouse is a non-member land pet. It was released in June 2016 and can be obtained as a gift after redeeming a code that comes with the Ultra Rare 1-49 Butterfly Adopt-A-Pet Jazwares Toys.


The Pet Mouse has a small semicircle body, similar in shape to the pet Hamster, with a long light-pink tail. It has two medium sized whiskers on each side of it's face, black eyes and a variety of different options for its ears.


Action Description
The pet mouse jumps once.
The pet mouse sits upright on its bottom.
The pet mouse will start playing the violin with notes appearing around it.
The pet mouse has two dance forms, dancing while in its sitting form, or dancing normally. It dances by shaking left and right.
The pet mouse sleeps, and cartoon Z's will appear next to it.
The pet mouse will continuously jump.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Mousecowl.PNG Cowl A round hood with two holes for the ears is worn on the pet's head.
Mousefez.PNG Fez A cylindrical cap with a tassel is worn on the pet's head.
Mousecap.PNG Pointed Cap A striped, pointed hat that curves forward is worn on the pet's head.
Mousesunglasses.PNG Glasses Solid black glasses are worn on the pet's face.

Head and Face

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Items Description
Mousestrawhat.PNG Straw Hat A Straw Hat with a colored strap is added onto the pet's head.
Mouseheaddress.PNG Headdress A Headdress-like hat is added onto the pet's head.
Mousehairbow.PNG Bow A large, polka-dot bow is worn on the pet's head.
Mousetophat.PNG Top Hat A Fancy Top Hat is worn on the pet's head.

Body and Back

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Items Description
Mousetutu.PNG Ballerina Skirt A short, frilly skirt is worn around the pet's midsection.
Mousecape.PNG Cape A Worn Blanket like cape appears on the pet's back.
Mouseband.PNG Bandanna A thin, polka-dot bandanna is tied around the pet's neck. It matches the bow accessory for the head.
Mousecane.PNG Cane A black cane appears next to the pet.


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Items Description
Mousefuzztail.PNG Brush A brush-like tip is added onto the end of pet's tail.
Mousetailbow.PNG Bow A small, polka-dot bow is tied around the end of the pet's tail. It matches the bow accessory for the head.
Mousestripetail.PNG Stripes A striped covering is added over the length of the pet's tail.
Mouseglowtail.PNG Magic Orb An orb is added onto the end of the pet's tail. It glows occasionally, and it glows when the pet does an action.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Detective Kit, Exercise Wheel, Fluffy Nest, Ladder Bridge, Magnifying Glass, Mystery Novel, Pile of Pine Bedding, Seesaw, Swiss Cheese Hat, Wooden Hideout

Any one of these:

Bacon, Donuts, Fruits, Grains, Ice Cream, Omelettes, Pasta, Seeds, Stew, Vegetables


  • In August 2016, there was a glitch where this pet, along with several other Jazwares pets, could be made by any Jammer that already had one. Jammers could make as many as their pet slots could fit. This glitch was later fixed and like all rare-tag pets now, players cannot buy more of them in-game.
  • When in water, it rides on a leaf.
  • There is a glitch/easter egg where if you sit and then hop with the mouse equipped, it will jump while sitting.


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