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For the animal counterpart, see Owl.

The Pet Owl is a members-only land pet. It was first released as one of the Monthly Member Gifts during January 2013. It was re-released to the Diamond Shop in December 2014, but it was removed sometime in 2018. It was obtainable via purchasing a membership during August 2019 and came with the Birds of a Feather Bundle. The pet was added to the Diamond Shop on August 21, 2019, and was removed on April 24, 2020. It was released again on November 5, 2020, as part of the Knight Owl Bundle. It returned on March 3, 2022, but left on April 18, 2022.


The Pet Owl has an oval-shaped head with a rounded body that tapers into a point at the tail. On the sides of the pet are pear-shaped wings, and at the bottom of the pet are small, twig-like feet. It can be customized with choices of bright colors, six different eye types, four different head shapes, four face patterns, and four feather patterns.


Action Description
When clicked, they will catch a mouse, or if bought at the Pet Stop, a plush duck, ladybug, or even a doughnut.
As it sits, it sits upright but leans back a little.
It blows bubbles out of a light purple, dark pink, wand.
Bops head up and down then turns to the side and bops head up and down again.
Sits with its head down while "Zzz's" ascend up.
It hops in the air with its legs kicking out.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Owlraccoonhat.PNG Raccoon Hat The head of this hat is in an odd shape as it is flat on the bottom but on the top is angled in 3 different ways. The main color is brown. It has two ears protruding to the sides of it both pink in color on the inside but light gray on the outside. The right ear has a chunk taken out of it that is a rectangle in shape. Its eyes are white circles with dark brown diamonds around them. It has a dark brown triangle nose. The tail takes the shape of a leaf with two dark brown stripes on it and the tail does not appear to be connected to the hat.
Owlwitchhat.PNG Witch Hat An old, patched up witch hat.
Owlnewspaperhat.PNG Newspaper Hat A hat made out of newspaper.
Owlhoodwfeather.PNG Hood With Feather A hood with a feather.


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Items Description
Owlhelmet.PNG Helmet This helmet appears to be made of bronze. At the top of it, it has a small red feather sticking out, on the sides of the helmets jaws it has brown circles to keep it in place.
Owlgraduationcap.PNG Graduation Cap It is an ordinary graduation cap. It sits on top of the owls head with a gold color like string and at the bottom are tassels. This string hangs over the right side of the owl.
Owlglasses.PNG Glasses The glasses have a black rim, the lenses have a faint shimmer to them, and the nose bridge is in an hourglass shape.
50 Unicorn Horn The unicorn horn sticks out of the middle of the owl's forehead. The color is a milky white, and it is larger at the bottom but gets smaller towards the top. It has three stars surrounding the point which from left to right they fade in and out but are still visible and they rock side to side. The stars have four points.


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Items Description
Owlscroll.PNG Scroll of Parchment A scroll of parchment rolled up and tied off with a red string is added to the pet's feet.
Owlscarf.PNG Scarf A blue and a lighter blue striped scarf is added around the pet's neck.
Owltie.PNG Tie A red and lighter red striped tie is added around the pet's neck.
Owlcamera.PNG Camera It has a brown strap on its back which hangs to the front; when the strap ends, it has a gold bar that ends at the strap. The camera takes the shape as a gray square with a red button on the right of it and in the middle is a glass circle which are the lens. On the top of the left side is a small box standing at the top, which is used to take pictures with flash.


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Items Description
PetOwlPawsLadybug.png Ladybug A red ladybug with messy antennas.
PetOwlPawsDonut.png Donut A donut with pink icing and multicolored sprinkles.
PetOwlPawsToyDuck.png Toy Duck A yellow ducky with crossed out gray eyes.
PetOwlPawsLollipop.png Lollipop A pink lollipop with a lighter pink swirl.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Barn Habitat, Binoculars, Golden Pocketwatch, HollowTree, Library Book, Nesting Owl Dolls, Paintbrush, Rodent Toy, Spectacles, Toy Stealth Plane

Any one of these:

Almonds, Blackberries, Brownies, Candy, Chowder, Cucumbers, Cupcakes, Donuts, Kale, Popcorn


  • When the player moves their animal around, sometimes the pet owl will stay on the ground a bit before they take off.
  • When the player stops moving, the owl will sit.
  • When a Jammer goes in water, the owl will fly above it.
  • The owl is unique because they fly when moving and land when they are immobile. None of the other pets do this.
  • While most pet counterparts are released after their corresponding animal, this pet was released before the animal. This is one of the very first pets for that to happen to.
  • When this pet is not in stores, any Jammer who had previously purchased one can still purchase it.
  • After a Jammer purchases this pet for 3 Diamonds, it can be bought again for 400 Gems.


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