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The Pet Phantom is a members-only land pet. It was released on September 29, 2016, for the Night of the Phantoms event in the Diamond Shop. It returned for a second release on September 28, 2017, but left stores on October 2, 2017. It returned on October 26, 2017, until the end of the Night of the Phantoms

Rare Pet Phantom

A "Rare" version was released on October 27, 2016, shortly after the regular version was removed; this rare version was sold for a short period at an adoption icon in Jamaa Township under the Phantom Statue. In July 2017, Jazwares released the Jammers Juice Party toy, which redeems a non-member Pet Phantom with a Rare tag.


The Pet Phantom is a small circular pet with a large white eye in the middle, But can also be customized to have a different styled eye. The Pet Phantom also has tentacles that stick out from different sides of its body. The regular version has a very dark palette of colors to choose from, and the "Rare" version includes very bright color palettes.


  • Sit (left)
  • Sit (right)
  • Play
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
Action Description
The Pet Phantom closes its eye and starts to fall backward, but before it touches the ground it gets back up.
The Pet Phantom sits still with its center legs folded together.
The Pet Phantom plays inside a puddle of phantom goop and throws some up in the air everywhere around it, also laughing mischievously before disappearing. The "Rare" version plays in glowing green phantom goop.
The Pet Phantom hops from one center leg to the other. Its four arms shake from side to side and it raises the other two legs into the air.
The Pet Phantom closes its eye and curls up sleeping.
The Pet Phantom spreads its lower tentacles and bounces up and down non-stop.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Petphantomspikes Phantom Horns Three short horns protruding from the phantom's head.
Petphantompipes Pipe Helmet A purple helmet with bolts and four pipes, similar in appearance to a Phantom Pipe.
Petphantomprincesshat Princess Hat A tall purple and pink striped cone-shaped hat with blue ribbons hanging from the top and a blue brim, resembling a Fairy Princess Hat
Petphantomtiara Tiara A tiara with three fuchsia gems on it.

Head and Face

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Items Description
Petphantomscarecrowhat Scarecrow Hat A purple hat with two differently colored patches stitched on and straw sticking out of the left side.
Petphantomthornhat Thorn Hat A very dark purple, almost black, hat that surrounds the entire body, covered in thorns.
Petphantomchomperhat Chomper Hat A small Chomper Plant that appears to be stuck on the Phantom's head and higher arms.
Petphantomfluffypurplehat Fluffy Purple Hat It appears to be a purple beardless version of the Hat And Beard.


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Items Description
Petphantombroom Phantom Broom A broom made from a purple curled vine and straw, with a lighter purple band holding the broom together.
Petphantombouquet Phantom Bouquet A withering purple bouquet with one type of flower. Black vines stick out of the top.
Petphantomchomperandboomseed Chomper and Boomseed A Boomseed and a tiny Chomper Plant that hops around with your pet.
Petphantomspookycandycane Spooky Candy Cane A candy cane which is white and purple, rather than the traditional red.

Body and Legs

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Items Description
Petphantomscarecrowpants Scarecrow Pants Dark purple, four-legged pants with tufts of straw sticking out of the bottoms of each pant leg, which appear wretched or torn.
Petphantomthorngauntlets Thorn Gauntlets Very dark purple, almost black, round tentacle-tips with thorns. They appear on the two center legs.
Petphantomspikedset Spiked Set A Purple "Short" Spiked Collar and Wristbands under the Phantom's eye and on its outer bottom legs.
Petphantombeardandcuffs Beard and Cuffs A white moustache and beard, appearing to be a hatless version of the Hat And Beard, as well as a fur collar and wrist cuffs.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes (Member Phantoms)

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Slime Puddle, Deflated Bouncy Ball, Apple Core, Pointy Stick, Broken Doll, Stinky Goop, Pile of Garbage, Garbage Can Drum Set, Haunted Tree House, Scary Clown Mask

Any one of these:

Gems, Joy, Happiness, Comfort, Fun, Rainbows, Cheer, Hamburgers, Sunshine, Laughter

Possible Outcomes (Non-member Phantoms)

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Flat Tire, Frayed Rope Swing, Empty Bucket, Smelly Sock, Pet Rock, Moldy Magic Hat, Missing Puzzle Pieces, Broken Lightbulb, Computer Virus

Any one of these:

Diamonds, Jokes, Glee, Rainbow Sprinkles, Glitter, Humor, Birthday Cake, Dessert, Courage


  • Unlike many other non-promo pets, the "Rare" Pet Phantom is unique because it costs Diamonds every time it is purchased, and as most pets can be repurchased for only 400 Gems.
  • The Rare Pet Phantom's second color determines what color they glow.
  • This is the only pet that is not based on a real-world animal.
  • The toy that redeems the non-member Pet Phantom also redeems the Juice Fountain and the Pet Smoothie Hut.
  • On its first release in 2016, it was removed near the end of the Night of the Phantoms.
  • The non-member version of the Pet Phantom is mistaken for a glitch by some players.


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