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For the animal counterpart, see Polar Bear.
Not to be confused with Meagyn's Pet Bear.

The Pet Polar Bear is a members-only land and ocean pet.


This pet is a small, chubby, mini polar bear with a large rounded rectangular head. All the color variations are very light. It has two large front legs sticking out of the front with two more smaller back legs. Its ears are very small and resemble the Polar Bear animal.



Action Description
The pet polar bear may rear up on its hind legs or simply bounce.
The pet polar bear sits on its back legs, leaving its front paws free.
The pet polar bear will roll up a snowball and toss it in the air. It will move away, causing the snowball to be crushed against the ground.
The pet polar bear kicks its front legs.
The pet polar bear lays down on its front paws and closes its eyes. Blue Z's appear.
The pet polar bear bounces, similarly to its possible bouncing as a clicking action.


Action Description
Bubbles will radiate off the pet and it will jump up.
The pet raises the front leg facing towards you up and the other one down.
The pet makes a move where it holds out its two front legs then pulls one of them behind its head.
The pet dives down and swims back up in a circular movement.
The pet will swirl around opposite of your animal.
The pet leans forward and blows a large bubble, which comes out in various shapes (a square, a circle, a star, etc.)


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.


Rare Accessories[]

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Snow Cloud A flat cloud that makes snow fall above the pet
[[File:|40px]] Penguin A small penguin stands behind the pet and follows it around
[[File:|40px]] Striped Holiday Hat A red and white striped stocking hat with reindeer antlers
[[File:|40px]] Snowman Mask A mask of a snowman with a carrot nose, coal eyes and mouth, and a Santa hat

Head and Face[]

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Items Description
Polar bear ski mask
Ski Mask A red ski mask that goes over the pet's eyes.
Polar bear lion mane
Arctic Hood A tan and brown arctic hood that goes around the pet's head.
Polar bear jester hat
Jester Hat A gray jester hat with color changing bulbs on the endpoints.
Polar bear fish
Fish A small fish that sits on top of the pet's head.

Body and Back

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Items Description
Polar bear sweater
Sweater A striped sweater that goes over the pet's body.
Polar bear warm jacket
Warm Jacket A brown jacket with tan at the end.
Polar bear holly leaf
Holly Leaf A green holly leaf with red holly berries that sit next to the pet's ear.
Polar bear scarf
Scarf A striped scarf that goes around the pet's neck.


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Items Description
Polar bear skates
Skates A pair of red ice skates.
Polar bear boots
Boots Some brown boots with tan fluff at the top.
Polar bear snowhsoes
Snowshoes A pair of brown snowshoes.
Polar bear sled
Sled A large wooden sled that the pet stands on top of.


Rare Accessories[]

These accessories can only be obtained through a glitch where an underwater animal enters the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

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Items Description
Polar bear flower
Flower One of the secret items for the underwater polar bear
Polar bears scuba mask
Scuba Mask Secret item for underwater polar bear
Polar bear head gear
Head Gear Secret underwater item
Polar bear penguin
Penguin Secret underwater penguin item for polar bear

Head and Face[]

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Items Description
Polar bear fins
Fins Some large fins that go atop the pet's head.
Polar bear ice crown
Ice Crown A light blue icy crown that goes across the pet's head.
Polar bear goggles
Goggles A pair of goggles that go across the pet's eyes.
Polar bear octopus
Octopus A small octopus that sits on top of the pet's head.

Body and Back[]

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Items Description
Shark Fin A blue-gray shark fin that sits on the pet's back.
Pants A pair of pants that go on the back legs.
Polar bear trident
Trident A large trident that sits beside the polar bear.
Polar bear fins 2
Fins Fins that go across the pet's back.


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Items Description
Polar bear claws
Claws Claws that go on the pet's paws.
Polar bear mermaid tail
Mermaid Tail A mermaid tail that covers the back half of the pet's body.
Polar bear fins 3
Fins Fins that cover the polar bear's paws.
Polar bear ice bracelets
Ice Bracelets Small blocks of ice that go across the pet's ankles.

Adoption Certificates[]

Possible Outcomes[]

Favourite Toys Favourite Food

Any one of these:

Deck of Cards, Fishing Pole, Ice Pick, Ice Raft, Igloo, Seal Toy, Snorkel Mask, Snow Cone Maker, Snow Den, Water Wings

Any one of these:

Bacon, Berries, Crab Cakes, Ice Cream, Kelp, Nuts, Omelettes, Quiche, Sausages, Waffles


The Pet Polar Bear was initially released on November 20, 2014, as a promotional gift from the Retail Membership Card. It was most recently released on June 1, 2019, as a promotional gift from the World Oceans Bundle and left on July 1, 2019.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Retail Membership CardNovember 20, 2014December 2014
Diamond ShopDecember 15, 2016N/A
Diamond ShopFebruary 2018February 2018
World Oceans BundleJune 1, 2019July 1, 2019


  • Pet Polar Bears are the third pets to be able to be obtained through gift cards, the first being the Pet Hummingbird and Pet Arctic Wolf.
  • They are the second land and water pet, the first being the Pet Turtle.
  • On land, If the Pet is wearing the sled accessory, they will glide on the sled instead of walking, If it has both the sled and rare penguin accessory, the penguin will also ride a sled
  • On land, if the Pet goes into water a slab of ice will appear to keep it afloat. If they are wearing the sled accessory, the sled blades will disappear under the water, and the board will keep it afloat. The penguin accessory also floats on a block of ice while in water, even if it is wearing the sled.
  • One of the nose options, which features a drop of mucus coming from the nose, is possibly a reference to the Pokémon Cubchoo.
  • There are four rare underwater accessories that can only be obtained by exploiting a glitch that enables an underwater Animal to enter the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.


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