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For the animal counterpart, see Seal.

The Pet Seal is a non-member land and underwater pet. It was released in December 2016 as a promo pet. It is obtained by redeeming the code that comes from the Adopt a Pet Treasure Chest pet 1-112, named Shimmerway.


The Pet Seal appears as a small pet with two stubby legs, a small fin-like tail, and a large squarish head that is shaped like a rounded rectangle. It has large eyes that can be customized in one of six designs. It can also be customized with a variety of vibrant colors and it has a selection of four hairstyles, four mouth shapes, and four different patterns for its face.


  • Sit (Land)
  • Dance (Land)
  • Play (Land)
  • Sleep (Land)
  • Hop (Land)
  • Pose (Sea)
  • Dance (Sea)
  • Play (Sea)
  • Swirl (Sea)
  • Dive (Sea)


Action Description
Jumps up and does a flip in the air.
Sits upright.
Plays a saxophone with animated music notes floating.
Waves its flippers in the air.
Lays down and sleeps, with animated Z's floating.
Hops up and down.


Acts Description
The seal's body is curved towards the Jammer.
Sways back and forth with its paws in the air.
Swishes its tail and dives down.
Swirls around like the Jammer.
The seal pushes itself back, then moves towards the player.


These rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, but they are normally inaccessible because these parties are for land pets.


Rare Accessories

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Items Description
[[File:|40px]] Lion's Mane A golden lion's mane that comes with a little lion nose.
[[File:|40px]] Pigtails Zig-zagged hair with pigtails that droop.
[[File:|40px]] Elephant Head A grey elephant head with purple highlights.
[[File:|40px]] Ramen Hat A red plate that sits on top of the head with a red and yellow striped bowl filled with ramen with a pair of chopsticks.


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Items Description
PetSeal-HeadbandThing Brown Hair Fringe A fringe of brown hair that appears around the pet's head.
Seal Sun Hat Sun Hat A woven hat with a green ribbon and a flower on the side, somewhat resembling a Gardening Hat, is worn on the pet's head.
PetSeal-ClownHair Clown Wig Puffy hair, striped with various colors, is worn on the seal's head.
PetSeal-CurlyHair Curled Hair A blonde curly wig, with a flower on the side, is worn on the pet's head.


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Items Description
PetSeal-Clothing Sweater A brown Knitted Sweater with a lighter fringe around the bottom is worn on the pet's body.
PetSeal-Stripes Striped Shirt A green and white striped shirt is worn on the seal's body.
PetSeal-Colors Clown Suit A colorful striped shirt with a puffy fringe around the top and sleeves is worn on the pet's body.
PetSeal-FlowerLei Lei A string of five flowers in light pink and pastel colors, resembling a Lei, is worn around the pet's neck.


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Items Description
PetSeal-Stick Stick A wooden stick with a white band wrapped around each end is held next to the pet.
PetSeal-Glasses Glasses A pair of Red glasses with a thin frame is worn on the seal's face.
PetSeal-Ball Striped Ball A ball with stripes in three different colors - gold, red, and green - is held next to the pet.
PetSeal-Harp Harp A golden harp-looking instrument with four strings is held next to the pet.


Head and Face

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Items Description
Seal Crab Hat Crab Hat A magenta hat with eye-stalks, pincers, and legs resembling a crab. Worn on the head.
Seal scuba helm Scuba Helmet A brown helmet with dark pink spots that slightly resembles a cat. Worn on the head.
Seal rainbow Rainbow Hair & horn A rainbow wig and a yellow Unicorn Horn with 4 different colored stripes. Worn on the head.
Seal fish Fish Head A yellow fish head with red fins looking as if it is eating the pet. Worn on the seal's head.


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Items Description
Crab claw seal Crab Claws A pair of magenta pincers, like that of a crab's. Worn on flippers.
Seal scuba suit Scuba Suit A brown and dark pink scuba suit with the underbelly being pink and light blue-gray fins on the tail and flippers. Worn on the whole body.
Seal tail Mermaid Tail A yellow mermaid tail. Worn on the tail.
Seal floati Arm Floaties A pair of red/magenta arm floaties. Worn on the arms.


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Items Description
Seal mask Disguise Mask A Disguise mask with large eyes and magenta Moustache. Worn on the face.
Seal wings Wings A pair of narrow, webbed wings. The webbed parts are magenta. Worn on the upper back.
Seal star Star A yellow star with a thick, gold border. Worn on the chest.
Seal sub Submarine A yellow submarine with red accents. In the dome on top is a green creature with a yellow-colored fin. On the back, there is a light blue propeller. Follows the pet.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any of these:

Paddle Boat, Snow Fort, Harp, Snowballs, Beach Ball, Bowling Set, Snow Sled, Kite, Snow Cone Maker, Scuba Gear

Any of these:

Gummy Fish, Pasta, Oyster Crackers, Muffins, Cake, Ice Cream, Cookies, Sushi


  • This pet is one of the only three rare pets that can go on both land and underwater. The others are the Pet Otter and Pet Magenta Seal.
  • The harp back accessory is a reference to the name of a common type of seal, the harp seal.
  • On the adoption certificate, it clearly says that it is "rare", but sometimes on a trade list, it shows up with a diamond icon.
  • There is a glitch where if the player adopts a magenta-colored sugar glider from the Animal Jam Adopt-A-Pet treasure chests, the player will also obtain the Pet Seal.
  • If the seal has a ball equipped, when walking the ball will go on the seal's head.
  • If the seal has a stick equipped when in the water, on land the stick will sit on the seal's head. The same thing happens with the harp.
  • The submarine in the mirror of the Pet Stop is not visible when equipped.
  • An all-magenta version of the Pet Seal was released as part of the Winter 2019 Animal Jam Box, the Pet Magenta Seal.


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