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For the animal counterpart, see Snow Leopard.

The Pet Snow Leopard is a members-only land pet.


The Pet Snow Leopard has a head similar to the playable animal. Its front paws are bigger than its back legs. Its tail is bushy. It comes with various patterns, colors, eyes, etc.


Action Description
Becomes covered in frost and then shakes off the frost.
Sits like the Snow Leopard, however only faces right.
Pulls a Stuffed Penguin from behind it, and throws it in the air before catching it.
Rears up on hind legs and shakes its paws either left or right.
Similar to Snow Leopard, but its tail remains still.
Similar to the Snow Leopard, but smaller.


These accessories can be purchased at the Pet Stop.


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Items Description
CatGirl0099SL10 Crooked Hat A tall, stitched-up, hat, which is bent in a few places, sits on the pet's head. It is furry around the bottom and has a large pom-pom.
CatGirl0099SL11 Curled Horns A pair of long horns that curl inward near the end. There is fur around the bases of the horns.
CatGirl0099SL12 Cat Tuque A tuque with pointed ears, whiskers, and a face that resemble a cat's.
CatGirl0099SL1 Trapper Hat A trapper's hat with a fur-lined inside.


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Items Description
CatGirl0099SL6 Fluffy Sweater A sweater with fur around the Edges.
CatGirl0099SL8 Bat Wings A pair of small, bat-like wings that protrude from the pet's back.
CatGirl0099SL7 Fairy Wings A pair of rounded, translucent, wings that are reminiscent to those of a butterfly or fairy.
CatGirl0099SL9 Cozy Sweater A sweater with highlights around the edges.


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Items Description
CatGirl0099SL2 Gloves + Pom-Pom Tail A pair of gloves or boots with fur around the wrist and a sleeve that covers the tail and sports a large pom-pom on its tip.
CatGirl0099SL3 Arrowhead Tail The pet's tail is replaced with a long one of a solid color. The tip of the tail is in the shape of an arrowhead.
CatGirl0099SL4 Rainbow Bracelets Colorful bracelets consisting of seven spheres, which light up in a clockwise order. There is one around each of the pet's wrists and one at the base of its tail.
CatGirl0099SL5 Spiked Boots A pair of boots with spiky soles that the pet wears on its forepaws.

Rare Accessories[]

These "rare" accessories can only be purchased at the pet stop at the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

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Items Description
CatGirl0099SL15 Spiral Glasses A pair of glasses with a spiral on each lens. The pet sticks its tongue out and star-like effects appear near its face.
CatGirl0099SL16 Short Wig Short, gray, hair, presumably a wig, sits on the pet's head.
CatGirl0099SL13 Spiked Beanie A knitted beanie with large spikes protruding from it is worn on the pet's head.
CatGirl0099SL14 Head Bow A large bow that attaches to the pet's head. A tuft of fur sticks out from the center of the bow.

Adoption Certificates[]

Possible Outcomes[]

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Climbing Gear, Climbing Wall, Fluffy Pillow, Giant Ball of Yarn, Ice Pick, Scratching Post, Sled, Snowshoes, Toy Mountain Goat, Warm Scarf

Any one of these:

Bacon, Granola, Grasses, Gummy Bears, Hamburgers, Ice Cream, Kebabs, Lasagna, Meatballs, Vegetation


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  • This is part of the Pet Leopard Bundle.
  • As part of the promotional offer, the retail gift card includes the typical 10 Diamonds as well as a bonus of 6,000 Gems and a set of leopard-themed den items: the Leopard Bean Bag, Leopard Couch, and Leopard Print Rug.
  • Like most other pets, additional Pet Snow Leopards can be purchased with Gems after the first one is obtained.
  • The Penguin plushie the pet holds while playing depends on the pet leopard's pelt colors.
  • Most other clothing items also change colors to match the snow leopard's pelt.
  • As a result of a glitch, it appeared in the Choose a Pet menu for purchase with Diamonds several times, such as in March 2018.


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