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The Pet Stop is a members-only mini-game that was introduced on December 15, 2011. It has a standard version located in Claws 'N Paws and Flippers 'N Fins, where Pets can be accessorized in various different kinds of clothing and trinkets. In the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, there is an alternative version of the game where one section of the accessory selection screen has been replaced with 'exclusive' items.


This is simply a dress-up game for the player's pet. The pet stands in a large red chair facing a mirror so that the player can see the accessories in effect. The player can choose one of four items from each of three sections in any combination. The sections are divided into a chest at the bottom-right and two cabinets at the top-left and top-right. These sections remain closed until the player hovers over them to reveal the possible accessories inside. At the bottom-left is a "Reset" button to revert the pet to its appearance when the game was started. There is a "Done" button at the bottom-right that will cause the pet to spin around in the chair and perform an animation; at this time, a popup is shown asking "Buy this outfit for 200 gems?"


The rewards for this game are simply accessories for the player's pet. If purchased at the end, these accessories will be permanently equipped on the pet until the player changes them again with this game.


  • The Pet Stop resembles the salon area of a classic barber's shop, with a flat stone slate for a desk, which is supported by the two walls, a drawer on the right-underside of the desk, a red chair, two cupboards on the walls on either side of the desk, a mirror, and small salon trinkets on the desk.
  • As a result of various glitches, it is possible to use an ocean pet at the exclusive land pet stops found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party. Some of these pets have hidden accessories that can only be obtained through this glitch, while other, newer pets simply have blank accessories.
  • Buying outfits originally cost 300 Gems.
  • When playing Bitter Sweets or the Play-As-Your-Pet Party, the Pet Stop can be accessed by clicking on the pet avatar icon located near the bottom left part of the screen.