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The Sugar Glider is a members-only land pet. It was released on September 4, 2014, in the Diamond Shop. In March of 2018, a glitch made it available again for a short time. It was re-released on May 7, 2020, and was removed on July 3, 2020. It returned on March 31, 2022, but left on May 13, 2022.


The Sugar Glider has a large head and giant eyes. It has large ears, rounded or pointed, depending on the variety. The pet has a small muzzle, a tuft of fur or a star between the ears, and a long spiral tail.


Action Description
It jumps up then comes down slowly.
It sits down.
It sits down, and pulls out a tablet with a wooden frame, and plays a game.
It stands on two legs and then dances.
It lays on the floor, and its tail bobs up and down, with Z's coming from its head.
It jumps up quickly and glides down a little slower.


These accessories can be found at the Pet Stop. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party.

Rare Accessories

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Items Description
Pineapple Hat This is a hat shaped like a pineapple, with many, bushy leaves on top. This looks similar to the Pineapple Hat that can be worn on an animal.
Headdress This is a colorful Mayan or Aztec headdress, but it does not look exactly like the item, Headdress, that can be worn on an animal.
Crab Hat This hat is a large red crab that goes on the Sugar Glider's head. It has a pair of white eyes with black pupils on top, a pair of thin legs on each side, and a crab claw between these features.
Head Flower This accessory is a flower with five petals, two leaves, and a yellow center. It is similar to the Head Flower that is for animals.


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Items Description
Pet Sugar Glider head dj.png Headphones These are similar to the DJ Headset and have a swirl pattern on the earpieces. Equipping this accessory will cause the sugar glider to bop its head and music notes to float above it.
Pet Sugar Glider head ant.png Antenna Headband This is a colorful headband that has two bent antennae on top of it.
Pet Sugar Glider head party.png Party Hats This consists of two-party hats worn over the ears and a party horn is held in the pet's mouth.
Pet Sugar Glider head scarf.png Headscarf This appears to be a wig that is wrapped in a scarf on top of the pet's head.


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Items Description
Pet Sugar Glider neck spike.png Spiked Collar This is similar to the Spiked Collar item and it is worn around the neck along with matching wristbands for the legs. When this is selected, a small, round, silver earring goes on one of the Sugar Glider's ears.
Pet Sugar Glider neck beads.png Beaded Necklace This is a necklace that has bright, shining beads.
Pet Sugar Glider neck lolli.png Lollipop This is a rainbow-colored lollipop that is round, flat, and wide.
Pet Sugar Glider neck bow.png Bow This appears to be a composite bow that does not include any arrows.


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Items Description
Pet Sugar Glider tail stripe.png Striped Tail The pet's tail is changed to be long and curly with a striped pattern.
Pet Sugar Glider tail poof.png Skinny Tail The pet's tail is changed to be very skinny with a puff ball at the end.
Pet Sugar Glider tail smooth.png Wide Tail The pet's tail is changed to be narrow at the base and wide at the tip with a stripe at the end.
Pet Sugar Glider tail fuzzy.png Bushy Tail The pet's tail is changed to be very thick, bushy, and curly.

Adoption Certificates

Possible Outcomes

Favorite Toys Favorite Food

Any one of these:

Catapult, Cozy Bedding, Dreamcatcher, Exercise Wheel, Hammock, Hang Glider, Parachute, Parasail, Toy Biplane, Tree House

Any one of these:

Apples, Carrots, Cotton Candy, Dew, Grapes, Green Beans, Nectar, Scrambled Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Tree Sap



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