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This article is about the game. For the item, see Phantom's Treasure (Item).

Phantom Treasure

Phantom's Treasure is a single-player mini-game that was originally found in the Deep Blue and was later added to the Sol Arcade. It was first introduced in September of 2011. It can also be played using the den version of the game.


This is a timed treasure-hunt type of game where the player must find all of the items on a list. The player can use three clues as to where the items might be located. When a clue is requested, the entire picture becomes darker except for a circular area where one of the items can be found; the circular area slowly shrinks to a general search area and if the player still cannot find the item after fifteen seconds, the circular area shrinks even more, narrowing in on the location of the item. Every time the player clicks on an area or object that is not on the list of things to be found, twenty seconds are added to the timer. There are two different areas that can be searched: the "Hidden Reef" and the "Sunken Ship".


This game rewards up to 50 Gems for every list of items found, but the reward decreases based on some average of the time taken between each item found. Also, each hint used will reduce the reward by three Gems, but any additional time resulting from clicking an incorrect area is not counted when determining the reward. As a result, the reward may differ considerably even when the total time is the same; for example, finding all the items at a steady pace over a minute rewards less Gems compared to finding most of the items quickly one after another and then taking a long time for the rest of the minute to find the last item.

Average Time Between Items
1 49
2 45
3 41
4 37
5 33
6 29
7 25
8 21
9 or more 17


There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Phantom's Treasure:

Achievements Description
Seek! Seek! Play Phantom’s Treasure 5 times
Scan! Scan! Play Phantom’s Treasure 10 times
Search! Search! Play Phantom’s Treasure 25 times
Discover! Discover! Play Phantom’s Treasure 50 times
Quick Find! Quick Find! Complete a level of Phantom’s Treasure in under 1 minute
Pinpoint! Pinpoint! Find 500 items in Phantom’s Treasure


  • The game is similar to Mystery Case Files.
  • The minimum reward is eight Gems if the player takes nine seconds or longer searching for each item and uses all three hints.
  • Originally, the Gems rewarded were reduced when the player clicked an incorrect area, but this is no longer the case.


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