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The Phantom Armor Set is a collection of five different pieces of Phantom-themed clothing: Phantom Helmet, Phantom Armor, Phantom Amulet, Phantom Tail Armor, and Phantom Gauntlets. All parts of the set are non-member and can be obtained by completing The Search For Greely under Hard difficulty mode.


Each piece of armor appears to be dark-grey or black with purple swirling patterns. The purple patterns also appear to be glowing. Most of the armor parts include some form of pipe-like segment sticking out like a Phantom Pipe.

Armor Set[]

Note: All items are non-member.

ItemTypeUnavailable Since
Phantom-HelmetPhantom Helmet1-HeadCurrently available
Phantom-AmuletPhantom Amulet2-NeckCurrently available
Phantom-ArmorPhantom Armor3-BodyCurrently available
Phantom-GauntletsPhantom Gauntlets4-LegsCurrently available
Phantom-Tail-ArmorPhantom Tail Armor5-TailCurrently available


  • Phantom Armor is the first full armor set to be available to non-members. 
  • Phantom Armor is the first armor set to be won in a adventure.
  • Phantom Armor was released shortly after Mystical Armor.
  • All items in this set can be won as a random prize from Lucky Clovers.


  • When a Wolf wears the Phantom Tail Armor, it moves not with the tail, but on its own.
  • The Phantom Tail pops off while running or sitting down as a Wolf.
  • When a Bunny wears the Phantom Gauntlets while playing, one of the gauntlets will fall to the ground while the Bunny is still in the air.
  • There is a glitch that when any piece of the armor is worn on a sleeping bunny, it will disappear.
  • There was a glitch that affected some people's armor sets, turning them magenta.


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