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This article is about the game. For the item, see Phantom Fighter (Item).

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Phantom Fighter is a single-player mini-game that was first introduced in 2010. It can be played in Club Geoz, in the Sol Arcade, through the Games menu, or by using the den version of the game.


The player must use the arrow keys to move back and forth and use the space bar to shoot at Phantoms. There are three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The player can collect power-ups along the way. The regular Phantoms (that have blue electricity surging around them) are instantly destroyed by any projectiles, but some Phantoms have a temporary red electricity shield that protects them from the first standard projectile that hits them. Sometimes, phantoms will fire a small lightning bolt or fly down below the edge of the screen. If the player is hit by either of these, they will lose a life (they have four total). The terrain changes by the levels: lava fields, waterfalls, or town. Each level consists of multiple waves with different Phantom formations and higher levels have more waves than the lower levels.


Power-ups Description
Phantom-Fighter Powerup-Explosive Explosive This power-up explodes when it makes contact with a phantom, potentially hitting nearby phantoms as well. Its rate of fire is much slower than the standard projectiles. It also completely bypasses Phantoms shields, destroying the red Phantoms in one hit.
Phantom-Fighter Powerup-Lightning Lightning-Bolt This power-up is a much larger version of the small lightning bolts that the Phantoms use. When fired, it travels all the way up the screen, hitting each phantom it passes through. Its rate of fire is slower than the standard projectiles. It also completely bypasses Phantom shields, destroying the red Phantoms in one hit.
Phantom-Fighter Powerup-Triple Triple-Shot This power-up uses the standard projectiles, but its rate of fire is slightly faster and it fires three projectiles instead of two: one in front and two pointing diagonally on either side.
Phantom-Fighter Powerup-Rapid Rapid-Fire This power-up uses the standard projectiles, but the rate of fire is much faster.


There are seven achievements to earn while playing Phantom Fighter:

Achievements Description
Fighter! Fighter! Play Phantom Fighter 5 times
Hunter! Hunter! Play Phantom Fighter 10 times
Exterminator! Exterminator! Play Phantom Fighter 25 times
Eradicator! Eradicator! Play Phantom Fighter 50 times
Phantom Warrior Phantom Warrior Reach level 11 in Phantom Fighter
Superpower! Superpower! Use every power-up in one game of Phantom Fighter
Untouchable! Untouchable! Complete 3 levels of Phantom Fighter without getting hit


  • The red Phantoms shoot red lightning bolts, but they behave exactly the same as the blue lightning bolts.
  • Phantom Fighter's outside look in Club Geoz matches that of Spider Zapper.
  • Similar to the Summer Carnival games and Hedge Hog, Phantom Fighter is one of the few mini-games that allows the player to actually attack Phantoms.
  • Phantom Fighter is very similar to the classic arcade games Galaxian and Galaga.
  • Each power-up changes the appearance of the player's ship when it is equipped.
  • The lightning-bolt and explosive power-ups are actually wider than they seem and can hit the sides of Phantoms when they pass nearby them.
  • There is a glitch where you are given a power-up before you start level 1, but this is rare.
  • The bubble that is earned after dying does not protect you. You can still be hit while in the bubble.


  • When not using the triple-shot power-up, the player must cross in front of the Phantoms to hit them. To avoid getting hit while using these, the player must frequently change position while firing.
  • When using the lightning-bolt power-up, the player can cause the most destruction by aiming for an entire column of Phantoms.
  • When using the explosive power-up, the player can cause the most damage by aiming for a large grouping of Phantoms.
  • When using the triple-shot power-up, the player can often stay where the Phantoms cannot shoot (such as at the corners of the screen) and fire continuously, relying only on the diagonal projectiles.
  • If the player clears a portion of the phantoms from one side of the screen, they can wait there indefinitely without any risk of getting hit. During this time, they can collect the random power-ups that float by them.


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