Not to be confused with the Jamaaliday Phantom Plushie or the Disguised Phantom Plushie.

The Phantom Plushie is a members-only den item and one of many plushies. It was released in August 2011 and it can only be won as a prize from The Claw (Item).


The Phantom Plushie appears as a small plushie that is based on the Phantoms. It has a small round body with a single large eye and eight legs, four of which stick out from the top of the body like antennae. The plushie is sitting flat on the ground and facing directly at the viewer. Three of this item's variants have special accessories such as a golden crown, a pink tiara, and a series of black spikes. This item has ten different varieties.


  • The mobile app Play Wild has a similar Phantom Plushie item.
  • Unlike all the other plushies available from The Claw, which only have one shape, the Phantom Plushies have three different shapes.
  • This is the only plushie from The Claw that cannot be used by all Jammers; however, non-members can still win this plushie by playing the den version of The Claw just like members.
  • This item has a Jamaalidays counterpart, the Jamaaliday Phantom Plushie.
  • The "Plushie Mania - Phantoms" post in The Daily Explorer mentioned "rare" colors of phantom plushies, but none of these plushies include a golden rare tag.
  • It is one of the two members only plushies found in claw machines. The other is the Polar Bear Plushie.


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