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The Phantom Watcher is a non-member den item. It can be obtained from the bottom right chest after completing The Great Escape on Hard Mode.


The Phantom Watcher is a rotating Phantom head placed on a stone stand. The phantom's eye has a purple electric laser beam shooting out of it. Electricity surges around the laser beam and the phantom head. The stone stand has dark purple cracks running through it. This item comes in only one variety.

Adventure Gameplay Element

Phantom watchers are used as obstacles in many adventures such as The Great Escape and Greely's Inferno. When the beam hits a player, they will be put into a deep sleep immediately. They are typically turned off by activating a specific lever in the adventure. Unlike many other adventure obstacles, phantom watchers cannot be attacked either directly or at a distance with Boomseeds.


  • When this is placed in a den, clicking the base will cause the head and laser beam to disappear. Clicking on the base a second time will cause them to re-appear and keep revolving. Walking through the laser does not affect any players in the den.
  • Unlike in adventures, the length of the laser does not change in dens.
  • If a Jammer in den-editing mode were to hover their cursor anywhere inside the circle of which the beam is the radius, the player would select this item.