Adventures Phantom-Web

A Phantom Web found in an adventure

Phantom Webs are an obstacle found in many of the Adventures. They seem to be created by the Phantoms.


A Phantom Web seems to consists of many tall, dark blue tendrils with a white highlight growing out of the ground. Between each tendril are sticky black threads of phantom goo that give this a web-like appearance. The ground beneath the web appears to be polluted with bright purple cracks surrounding the tendrils. Phantom Webs can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes throughout many of the Adventures.

Adventure Element

In the land Adventures, they are often used to block a path that the Jammer must take to complete an objective. A Phantom Web can be broken by repeatedly clicking on it or by placing a Boomseed near one. There are a variety of clothing items that can be worn to deal more damage when clicking on a Phantom Web, such as a Legendary Glove, Glove, Phantom Gauntlets, Pirate Sword, and many more. When destroyed, a Phantom Web rewards 5 Courage Points.


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