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Saepira forest booth

A Photo Booth found in the Sarepia Theater.

The Photo Booth is an attraction that lets the player take a high-quality snapshot of their animal and pet (if equipped) in a special pose. It can be found in the Sarepia Theater and Club Geoz and is available to all Jammers.


With the Photo Booth, its features allow the player to modify the snapshot's looks beforehand. A list of the features follow below:

  • The pose of the player's animal can be changed by clicking on the "Change Your Pose" button, turning the player's animal to the opposite direction of the pose they are currently in.
  • If a pet is accompanying the player, they have the option to change their pet's pose by clicking on the "Change Your Pet's Pose" button. The pet will turn to the opposite direction it is currently in, or it will move to the other side of the animal.
  • The player can access their Change Your Look menu from the bottom left corner of their screen in order to change their appearance. By doing so, their animal's appearance outside of the Photo Booth will also be affected.
  • The background the animal is on can be changed from using the arrows located on both the left and right side of the image. There are only three backgrounds to choose from: Jamaa Township, Temple of Zios, and Mt. Shiveer.
  • A small variety of pre-set phrases can be chosen from a list by clicking on the blue "+" button. Along with this feature, the text may also be toggled on and off.

Once the player is satisfied with how the snapshot will look, they may click on the "Take A Photo" button, which will require the player to spend 50 Gems in order to save and download the snapshot. From there, the player can decide what to name the snapshot and where on their computer it will be saved to.


  • This is one of the two features in Animal Jam Classic that allows the player to save a file directly, the other one being the Painting activity.
  • Despite having to spend 50 Gems in order to save the screenshot, the player may screenshot the image themselves, although if the Jammer chooses to save the image from spending 50 Gems, they will receive a picture with a higher image resolution.
  • After Club Geoz was demolished by the Lines of Power, the Photo Booth in the Sarepia Theater was the only accessible booth for years, until Club Geoz was later restored.
  • Similar to saving .ajart, if one uses the Flash version of Animal Jam Classic and saves a photo, the photo will not be saved and will only work if the Desktop version is used.