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The Pi Collection is an unofficial set of den items and clothing that were released to celebrate Pi Day. The items were first released on March 14, 2015, and they returned for a second release on March 14, 2016, and a third in March 2017. New items were added to the collection on its fifth release in 2019. One new item was released in 2021.


Den Items[]

The first six den items are the original collection; any of the items after were released later. All of these items are sold at Jam Mart Furniture.

ItemTypeGemsMembers-Only?Unavailable Since
PiTablePi TableFurniture450NoApril 3, 2017
PiDecorationPi DecorationWallItem400NoMarch 29, 2024
Pi Pie redPi PieDecoration350NoMarch 29, 2024
PiRugPi RugFurniture450NoMarch 29, 2024
PiSt01Pi StrandWallItem350NoMarch 29, 2024
GiantStonePiGiant Stone PiDecoration600NoApril 3, 2017
Pi Stepping StonesPi Stepping StonesFurniture750NoMarch 29, 2024
Pi CloudPi CloudFurniture950YesMarch 29, 2024
Giant Red Apple PiGiant Red Apple PiFurniture900YesMarch 29, 2024
PiDiningTable1Pi Dining TableFurniture850YesMarch 29, 2024
Pi Chair1Pi ChairFurniture450NoMarch 29, 2024
Pi Lamp1Pi LampFurniture350NoMarch 29, 2024
Pepperoni-piPepperoni PiFurniture575NoMarch 29, 2024


There was only one non-member clothing item and it was sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

ItemTypeGemsMembers-Only?Unavailable Since
PiHatPi Hat1-Head500NoMarch 29, 2024


  • The Pi Hat was not originally released with this collection, but it was added one year later in 2016.
  • The Pi Stepping Stones, Pi Cloud, Giant Red Apple Pi, Pi Dining Table, Pi Chair, and Pi Lamp were all released on March 14, 2019.
  • The Pepperoni Pi was released on March 14, 2021.